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All About My Mom – Mother’s Day Interview for Kids

Way back in 2013, I started Mother’s Day notebooks for each of my kids. I asked Joe to interview them and write down their answers exactly and I keep them in notebooks with all the pictures they’ve drawn of me and all of the special little “I love my mom” cards they give me. These two notebooks are among my treasured possessions. The Mother’s Day interviews we have used since the very beginning look like this: I printed out 6 for each girl when we first started, so I ran out after last year. When Mother’s Day rolled around in … Read more

40+ Easy Handmade DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Crafty DIY sentimental and thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas from daughter or adults or teens or tweens or kids for mom or grandma - Many unique and traditional ideas for homemade and handmade and often cheap, inexpensive, and frugal things to make. Includes jewelry and mason jar gifts. Cute, creative, simple, and easy. Many with pictures, photos, and flowers.

  Since my own mother passed away in 2013, Mother’s Day has lost a lot of its luster. It just isn’t the same. But the fact remains that there are other mothers in my life – my mother’s mother and my mother-in-law – who deserve recognition on this special day. And then there are my own kids who love to pamper me and give me homemade gifts on Mother’s Day. Even though it doesn’t feel like a great day to me, it is still important to many others.  So we celebrate. Whatever your particular challenges, I bet you do something for … Read more

How to Make No Sew DIY Lavender Sachets

How to make no sew DIY lavender sachets - This quick, simple, and easy tutorial is a modern take on an old idea. There are many uses for beautiful smelling lavander bags, everything from drawers to closets to in the dryer. Could be made of scraps of lace, felt, or fabric. Easy to assemble and beautiful.

Partway through this school year, I became the leader for my older daughter’s Girl Scout troop. One of the badges they wanted to complete was the flowers badge, and one of the requirements of the badge was to use flowers in a helpful way. I was torn between making sachets from dried rose petals and dried lavender, but I settled on lavender because it was cheaper. (Good reason, right?)  Making these lavender sachets is so simple and easy that it took the 10- and 11-year-old Girl Scouts about five minutes each to make 3 sets. If you aren’t a child … Read more

A Unique Way to Give a Chocolate Gift – Make a Dove Dark Chocolate Peacock

Unique Way to Give Chocolate Gift - Dove Dark Chocolate Peacock

The moment I saw Dove’s new Dark Chocolate line, I thought of a peacock. The packages are pretty purples and blues and greens, the colors of the bird’s bright, beautiful feathers. Perhaps I have peacocks on the brain. Grace and Allie got a doll for Easter that came with a peacock pet. We also have peacock Duck tape which is quite popular for crafts. In any case, when I saw the bars, I knew exactly how I could make them into a gift for a special person I know.  A Unique Way to a Give Chocolate Gift – Make a Dove … Read more

What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day plus $100 giveaway from HoneyBaked Ham

What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

  Do you know what you’re getting for Mother’s Day? Will it be a hug or a smile or a few words? Those things are precious, but I think you deserve a bit more. However. If you do not ask for what you would like on Mother’s Day, you are unlikely to receive that thing. Your spouse and your children are incapable of reading minds, and many are not so good at interpreting what feels to you like totally obvious hints. Allow me to do you a favor. What follows are the things I would like for Mother’s Day. If … Read more

Melted Bead Suncatchers – Perfect for a Homemade Mother’s Day Gift

melted bead suncatchers

  This is an awesome homemade Mother’s Day gift that you can make in an afternoon. If you are my mother, mother-in-law, or older sister, you should stop reading now. Or keep reading and ruin your surprise. It’s up to you. A few weeks ago, my little sister sent me these two photos on Facebook.     I thought they were really neat, but the link with them was spammy. I scoured the internet to find instructions to make them, trying all kinds of different searches on Swagbucks, Google, and Tineye. Finally, I found the original crafter’s information on (a … Read more