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What It’s Really Like to be a Stay-At-Home Mom: Every Day is Mother’s Day

When I quit teaching, I thought being a stay-at-home mom would be fun. I thought I would enjoy day after day of silliness, toys, and playing. ha! It’s not exactly like that. I take that back. It’s not like that at all. Yesterday, Grace threw up all over the house. Back to my point. I love being a stay-at-home mom. I’ve never worked harder, every single day, but I have never regretted quitting my job, not even for a moment. There is lots of playing. There is lots of silliness. There’s also lots of laundry, lots of picking up toys, … Read more

What Makes Your Mom Awesome

I asked Grace and Allie to answer this question on video, “What Makes Your Momma Awesome?” Here’s what they had to say – My favorite answer? She talks to me nice. Is it any wonder that I want to spend my time with these little people? I am the happiest mom on the planet. This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints and Global Influence. Tiny Prints offer Mothers Day greeting cards for all sorts of moms – mom friends, moms, mothers-in-law… Whether you want to tell her she’s doing a great job as a mom or thank her for being … Read more

I Made You A Surprise!

This afternoon, Grace and I had a conversation: Momma, you are so fluffy and nice! “Thank you, Grace! That is so kind of you!” I made you a surprise today. “You did?” Yes! I made you a present for Mother’s Day. I painted my hand pink, and I put it down like this {thunk} and I put a pink hand print on it! It’s your surprise, for Mother’s Day! I stopped her just short of telling me what exactly it was that she put a pink hand print on. At dinner, she started anew. Momma, Daddy and I made you … Read more

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift – Colored Tote

I love to give and receive homemade gifts. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t rather receive a present that Grace made over a new trinket or book or blouse. Not even my dad, who would like to pretend otherwise. Grace and I are in the middle of making some awesome Mother’s Day presents for the most important women in Grace’s life. Martha Stewart’s website has 50 different suggestions for Mother’s Day crafts, and many of them are quick and easy. I found this project on that site. Homemade Mother’s Day Gift – Colored Totes I bought some cloth tote … Read more