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Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts Kids Can Make for Adults

homemade valentines day gifts for kids to make

I love this series! Homemade gifts speak volumes about your friends and family. More than jewelry. Well. Maybe not more than jewelry, but more than a lot of stuff. The homemade Valentine’s Day gift suggestions I’ve posted so far have been: Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Gifts for Children Other Crafty Gifts I hope you like the series, too. Now that we’re finding a routine and life is feeling normal, Grace and I are thinking about crafty projects. We are planning on making more than one of the gifts below, but the recipients read my blog, so I … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts for the Home

Valentine wreath

Yesterday, I shared ideas for food gifts you could make and give for Valentine’s Day. Continuing with my theme of homemade gifts, I want to share valentine items you can make to decorate your own home or give as a gift to decorate someone else’s home. Gifts for the Home *The name of each project is linked to the tutorial. Heart garland – This is really simple to make (Have a heart-shaped paper punch and a spool of thread? You’ve got all the materials!) and allows you to recycle an old magazine. I think these would be nice strung across … Read more

Making An Angel Tree Topper with a Preschooler

angel tree topper craft

This project did not appear in Ornaments to Make With a Preschooler. Probably because it’s so ugly that nobody else would ever dare make one. I asked Grace if she wanted to top her Christmas tree with an angel or a star. I explained the significance of both stars and angels. She chose an angel. I researched crafty angel projects online, and I found beautiful angels made from doilies, scrapbook paper, and even beads. None of them would really work for a 3-year-old. So. I made up something else. Angel Tree Topper Craft Materials 1 sheet of 12×12-inch scrapbook paper … Read more

Making Ornaments with a Preschooler – The Painting Mishap

painting with a preschooler

The ornament projects have been overwhelmingly great, but we have had some mishaps. What started out as a hand print project turned quickly into a painted child project. Granted, I was watching from the couch. But it was Joe and Grace’s project. He looked away just long enough for her to paint both hands and almost all of one arm. Unfortunately, the hand print project remains on the To Do list.

Top Ten Crafty Father’s Day Gifts

I received an email this morning from my friend, Robyn, explaining that she’d come to my blog looking for a crafty project that she could make with her two young sons and give to her husband for Father’s Day. She didn’t find anything. Because I haven’t written anything. Gift posts are tricky for me because the recipients invariably frequent my blog. Including Joe. So, instead of doing an illustrated tutorial to show you how I made Joe’s gift, I collected ten crafty, handmade gifts that you can make with your kids in the five days between now and Sunday. Yes, … Read more

I Made You A Surprise!

This afternoon, Grace and I had a conversation: Momma, you are so fluffy and nice! “Thank you, Grace! That is so kind of you!” I made you a surprise today. “You did?” Yes! I made you a present for Mother’s Day. I painted my hand pink, and I put it down like this {thunk} and I put a pink hand print on it! It’s your surprise, for Mother’s Day! I stopped her just short of telling me what exactly it was that she put a pink hand print on. At dinner, she started anew. Momma, Daddy and I made you … Read more