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Free Printable Christ-Centered Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

Free printable Christ-Centered Easter basket scavenger hunt for Easter morning - A treasure hunt is a great way to find your Easter basket. This hunt for kids, tweens, or teens uses the main points of the Easter story of Jesus as clues. Awesome Christian fun in riddles. Great for families at home. Religious and Bible-based. Easy clues using both indoor and outdoor spots.

I didn’t know what to call this Easter basket scavenger hunt. The clues follow the basic Easter story with Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, getting arrested in the garden, being beaten and mocked, and so on. So it is Christ-centered. I debated about calling it religious or Christian but ended up with Christ-centered.  I created this other Easter basket scavenger hunt in 2016 and changed the clues around for my kids in 2017, but I wanted something fresh this year. Even though they’re now 7 and 10, they still talk about it and look forward to their Easter morning hunt, so dropping it … Read more

Should Your Family Observe Lent This Year? (And What Is It Anyway?)

Should your family observe Lent? What is it exactly? Whether you're Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, or another Christian denomination, you can still observe Lent as a family. These ideas, activities, and meals are great for kids and adults, and they include advice on what to give up and what to add in during this special season.

Most Christians consider Lent to be a Catholic thing and don’t really give it much thought. But Lent is fundamentally a Christian thing, a preparation of the heart and spirit for the solemn event of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It’s a season of prayer, repentance, and self denial.  The self denial part is never fun, but we can make it meaningful and important for our families without making it about legalism and rules. Lent starts on Valentine’s Day this year, February 14, so it’s already time to start thinking about it. Several years ago, I wrote a great … Read more

Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt

This Easter basket scavenger hunt includes free printable clues for kids or teens. Lots of ideas for families to stick in plastic eggs and hide for their children on Easter morning. Gifts and candy can be hidden along the way or saved for the Easter basket at the end!

A few weeks ago, we read Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary Easter in which Pinkalicious and her brother get sent on a scavenger hunt by the Easter bunny. They end up in her bedroom, discovering a huge basket full of goodies. You can guess what is coming, right? Grace very quietly asked me if our Easter bunny might send her on a scavenger hunt. I gave a noncommittal “Maybe.” And then a few days later, she asked again whether I thought our Easter bunny might be able to manage a scavenger hunt to help her and Allie find their Easter baskets. I told her, “We’ll … Read more

9 Ways to Celebrate Easter as a Family

Holidays are a big deal at my house. We do all of ’em in a big way. Easter is no exception. We have Easter egg hunts and make Easter crafts and color Easter pictures, and we read Easter books. And then, on Easter morning, the kids hunt for big Easter baskets full of treats. We also talk about Jesus. Well, we talk about Jesus every day, but especially during the Easter season. He’s kind of a big deal, you know? So here are a few of the ways that we celebrate Easter together as a family: Tell the Easter story … Read more

123 Easter Basket Ideas

I love all the holidays, and all the special non-holiday holidays that my kids and I have come up with. I love to celebrate all the moments. It just so happens that making Easter baskets is a big part of springtime for me. I look forward to it as soon as Valentine’s Day is over, and I have lots of Easter basket ideas to help you fill yours. Easter happens to be the holiest of holidays in the Christian faith, remembering the sacrifice Jesus made in giving His life to cleanse all humanity’s sins and restore us to a right relationship … Read more

16 Simple Lent Activities for All Christian Kids

  I have often written through the years about Advent. It is the season of waiting immediately before Christmas, a joyful and expectant time when Christians prepare for the birth of Christ. Lent is a similar time of waiting immediately before Easter, but it is a solemn and expectant time as we remember the sacrifice Jesus made in giving his life for all humanity. Lent is observed as the six weeks before Good Friday. It is preceded by Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, the day on which observes eat the last of their fatty, rich foods so that they don’t go … Read more