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There’s a New Wipe in Town – Seventh Generation Free and Clear

With few exceptions, I am very brand loyal.

For example, I started using a particular brand of baby wipes when Grace was born, and I never switched to another brand. I tried a different one here and there, especially if someone gave me some wipes or if I had to use someone else’s in the church nursery.

I always came back to the same old brand, though, because they worked and they didn’t irritate my girls’ skin.

That’s a lot of wipes over the last five and a half years.

A few weeks ago, Seventh Generation asked me to review their new and improved Free and Clear baby wipes. I agreed, expecting not to like them.

I was wrong.

In fact, I like them so much that I’ve switched brands.

Seriously.seventh generation free and clear baby wipes

Both of my girls have very fragile and sensitive skin, and both are prone to eczema. My old brand is a sensitive formula, free of fragrances and alcohol, and hypoallergenic. I was generally happy with it, but the individual wipes are thin and didn’t clean tough messes very well.

The thin part is self explanatory, right? If a mess is a little on the wet side, it sometimes leaks through. I always wash my hands after changing a dirty diaper, so this was annoying but not a deal breaker.

You know the crust that forms on the butt cheeks when you don’t realize there’s been a diaper-filling incident? And your toddler doesn’t tell you and you don’t notice until an hour later? When that happened (which is more often than I would like), I would have to double the wipe over and sorta scrape with my fingernail to get the firmer parts off.

So these new wipes arrived, and I used them.

The Free and Clear wipes are very thick, almost like a piece of printer paper. They’re as soft as my old brand, but much sturdier. They’re also a lot bigger than my old wipes, allowing me to use one or two rather than four or five.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear wipes are free of alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and phthalates. They’re hypoallergenic, as well.

I don’t know much about how my old brand of wipes were made (and why not?), but I was pleased to see that Seventh Generation wipes are made with renewable resources and plant-based products.

Seventh Generation wipes are not tested on animals at all. Instead, they follow the precautionary principle, meaning they won’t use an ingredient in their products until it has been proven safe for consumers. I’m sad to say my old brand is from a company that is known to test on animals. (How could I not have known that before?! I never did any research on them until now.)

The Seventh Generation Free and Clear wipes have two drawbacks. They’re more expensive than my old brand, about a dollar more per 64 wipes. They’re also available in limited stores – only Target and Whole Foods, plus and

When I priced them, was charging $4 for 64 wipes, which is beyond my budget. They are significantly cheaper on Amazon, where the subscription option makes then under $2 for 64 wipes.

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5 thoughts on “There’s a New Wipe in Town – Seventh Generation Free and Clear”

  1. my best baby care tip,is to keep them as dry as possible an not to add a lot of power or corn starch,it needs to ball up an stay moist

  2. I don’t use baby wipes on babies, except the occasional baby sitting adventure, but we do use a ton of them camping! I mostly buy the cheapest I can find since it is just camping and I am the only one buying them for a lot of people to use. By the end of the trip some tend to start drying my hands out so I can’t imagine what they do to a sensitive baby. I do not get one brand at all anymore because they actually made my hands hurt they dried them out so badly after only two days of using them. So, I guess my baby tip would be, before using a new brand on your very sensitive baby, use them to clean your own hands first. If they aren’t good for you, they certainly shouldn’t be used on a baby.

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