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Twitter Works For Me

Twitter gets a bad rap.

Some people {cough, cough} have a hard time managing their time, and Twitter gets the blame. A couple of celebrities make themselves look silly, and Twitter gets the blame.

I like Twitter. I have gotten writing assignments and product reviews via Twitter. I’ve made friends via Twitter. I work Twitter to benefit myself and my friends – and sometimes even people I don’t know.

Twitter works for me, almost every day.

This past Thursday, Twitter as working overtime.

Because I couldn’t miss two days of work, I had to fly in to Asheville, North Carolina, late on the first day of the Type-A Mom conference. Allie, my dearest friend, also flew in late that day. We agreed to meet up at the airport and share a ride to the hotel. I called and made the arrangements, and Allie said she’d wait for me by the baggage claim.

So far, so good.

My flight was almost 30 minutes early, and I found Allie exactly where she said she’d be. We chatted and waited the hour til the shuttle was supposed to fetch us.

The hour came – and went – and the shuttle driver never showed up. Growing impatient, I called him on the phone.

“Oh, gee, ma’am, I’m sorry, but I took another fare and can’t be back for a while,” he said.

I think by “a while,” he really meant “til tomorrow.”

I explained how we’d been waiting for him for nearly an hour, and how we had made an appointment with him. He assured us that there was a black van waiting for us across the street. He’d arranged said black van to wait for us when he realized that he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his commitment.

Looking back on it, I have no idea why I believed him. But we did.

Allie and I hauled our bags outside and looked around for a van. The Asheville airport isn’t that big, and we would have been able to see it if it had been there. It wasn’t.

Not sure whether we should cry outside or go back in to the airport to cry, I said, “Allie, I’m Tweeting about this.”

And Tweet I did.

Plea for help on Twitter

Twitter came to our rescue. I can’t tell you how many times our plea was Tweeted and ReTweeted. Two Philly-area bloggers were on their way to rescue us in a matter of minutes, and several other bloggers offered, as well.

We were rescued thanks to Twitter

We got to the hotel safely, thanks to Twitter, @Phillyburbmom, and @YouOtt2Know. They saved our sanity, and that works for me.


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