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Fall Bucket List for Kids – Free Printable for Family Fun

Fall bucket list - Over 100 ideas for kids, teens, families, and adults for the autumn season! Includes crafts, recipes, and lots of fun activities indoors and outdoors. Free printable.

Have you ever heard of a bucket list? I’m thinking that you probably have, thanks to the wonderful movie by the same name a few years ago (like eleven!), and its many incarnations all throughout social media. Just in case you haven’t, the bucket list is supposed to be a list of things you want to do “before you kick the bucket.” I’ve taken a little different spin on it, creating lists of things for families to do in the season that they’re in, fun things to enjoy before the world moves on to something else, before life changes too … Read more

How to Make an Easy $2 Witch’s Hat

How to Make an Easy $2 Witch's Hat

This is a sponsored post. My girls like to wear birthday hats. Allie especially likes them because she thinks she’ll get a birthday cake and presents every time she puts one on. It never pans out, but she always has hope. I buy party hats at the dollar store. They have tons of them to choose from in several different sizes, and they are very cheap. The last time we were there, they had big, fancy ones – covered in stars, with tinsel at the top and all around the bottom. I mentioned to Grace that the black ones looked … Read more

Trick or Treating with Barbie #BarbiePhotoFashion

You know how I feel about the princess culture, but my girls wanted to be sparkly pink princesses this year for Halloween. Both of them, separately. I tried to talk them out of pink princess costumes, but they screamed and cried and insisted. I gave up. They wanted to be pink sparkly princesses, so be it. Here they are in all their superlative synchronous cuteness: What my self-righteous pre-parenthood self would say about me now. I waited to write my third and last Barbie Photo Fashion Doll post until the girls went Trick or Treating. So here it is. Grace’s obsession with … Read more

How to Host an Indoor Carnival for Your Family

How to throw an indoor living room carnival for your family - Kids love carnivals, and these simple activities and fun games make it easy to have one for your family. Perfect for rainy days. Includes pictures and decorations. Awesome way to spend a day inside.

Grace talks about having a carnival three or four times a week. She is obsessed. We’ve been reading some books about carnivals, specifically: Little Elliot, Big Fun Olivia and the School Carnival Dora the Explorer At the Carnival Last Sunday, I asked her if she’d like to have a carnival of our own, in the living room. Of course, she thought that was a fabulous idea. My goal was to have a super fun carnival for our whole family. We succeeded, and the carnival was an all-day affair. Decorate! Grace used her budding writing skills to write the word CARNIVAL, and … Read more

Halloween Traditions

I don’t like Halloween. I don’t like celebrating scariness. I don’t like ghouls and goblins. I don’t like the dark, being afraid, collecting a glut of candy. It’s just not my thing. I know I’m not the only Mom who dislikes it. I asked on Twitter one day, and dozens of other Moms responded, “Me, too!” and “Let’s just agree to skip it!” Still, Grace goes to preschool, and she would notice if we skipped Halloween. She and her friends have a party at school, and they talk about their costumes for weeks before the big event. If I made … Read more

‘Tis the Season for Pumpkins

pumpkin pie with pecan topping

Grace, Joe, and I spent this afternoon at a Halloween party. It was sponsored by the local government and geared toward little kids. Everything was fun, nothing was scary. That’s my kind of Halloween party. One of the activities was painting pumpkins. We’re developing quite the collection of pumpkins around here. So many that we’ll need to be using them soon. Do you know how to use a fresh pumpkin? It’s really quite simple. Over the years, I’ve used fresh pumpkins for ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, cookies, cakes, and pumpkin rolls. I don’t think I’ve ever had any pumpkin foods … Read more