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23 Simple, Time-Saving Hacks to Make Hosting Thanksgiving Easy

23 Time-saving hacks to make hosting thanksgiving easy - Whether you're entertaining for the first time or tenth, you will find lots of good advice and practical tips in this article including ideas for dinner menu items, shopping list, and make ahead preparation. Tips and a checklist for a simple family celebration with kids. Great for a crowd of friends including products you need, recipes to make, and a special method for roasting the turkey.

Getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner can get a little {ahem} stressful, but it doesn’t have to. Using these 23 time and sanity-saving hacks, along with the timelines and printables in my ebook, How to Host a Stress-Free Holiday Meal, you can serve a simple and easy feast and actually get to sit down on the big day! Plan ahead. You absolutely, positively, must start a few weeks in advance by planning out your menu and making a grocery list. Then you’ll be ready to cook the make-ahead dishes before the actual holiday, and that will make everything go a lot … Read more

How to Be a Happy Mother – Happier Moms Do These 15 Things

How to be happy as a mother - Happier moms do these 15 things - These thoughts and quotes will encourage and inspire even the most stressed mom. Simple tips for being a content, grateful mom in life at home, at work, and parenting.

I’ve been a parent for a little over 11 years now, and I think I’m pretty good at it. That’s not me being phony or puffed up; I truly believe God made me specifically to be the mother of these two little people (who are not so little anymore), and He gave me gifts to get the job done with grace and poise. I know plenty of people who don’t feel the same way. They feel like mothering is really hard and really draining and that it sucks the life out of them. My heart hurts for  these mothers. If you are one of … Read more

Garlic Buffalo Shrimp

How to make the best garlic buffalo shrimp recipe - This healthy and simple recipe is easy to saute in a in a stir fry skillet or pan on the stove. Keto, paleo, and low carb.

I eat a lot of seafood, at least three times a week. It’s got a tremendous amount of protein for not too many calories, and I just like it. I also love spicy foods. When I was young, I thought the spicier, the better, but in my old age {cough} I prefer things a little on the milder side. Still, I like big, bold flavors, and this garlic buffalo shrimp has just that. Even with the spicy hot sauce in the recipe, I like to sprinkle extra over my shrimp and serve them with a puddle of blue cheese salad dressing … Read more

Who Does God Say I Am? 20 Biblical Truths & Affirmations For Every Christian

Who does God say I am? Who you are in Christ Jesus is not a secret. The Lord tells us in scripture many examples of characteristics from life and the Bible. These words are so true and helpful especially when your heart is heavy. Free printable.

What does the little voice in your head tell you? Mine often says things like, no one likes you and there isn’t enough for you and you can’t do that. But the biggest, the one I hear most often, is you’re not good enough. You’re not a good enough mother. You’re not a good enough wife. You’re not a good enough employee. You’re not a good enough person. You’re just not good enough. None of these things are true. In fact, these are all the lies of the enemy, planted in my head and yours to throw us off our games.  It’s unsettling, at least to me. I … Read more

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Carrots

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Sliced Carrots - This is the best roasted carrots recipe you will find! It's healthy, simple, quick, and easy because they're baked in the oven. Includes rosemary and other herbs. Savory, low carb, and paleo.

We are always on the lookout for good, low carb vegetable dishes because, on my bariatric diet, I eat about 5 ounces of meat with 3 ounces of vegetables for every lunch and dinner. That’s what I eat, day in and day out, and will for the rest of my life. No sugar, and no carbs outside of vegetables and limited fruit. So we need a little variety because plain old steamed veggies get pretty old pretty fast. That’s where this recipe came from. The Parmesan cheese adds some calories to the carrots, but it’s pretty minimal and makes the … Read more

30 Best Quotes From Our Favorite Children’s Books

Best inspirational quotes from kids books and children's literature - These famous and not so famous truths are from Roald Dahl, Harry Potter, and many more. Includes free printables. Awesome life lessons for the heart.

We are a reading family. We own more than a thousand books (well over, if you’re counting), and we read daily. We also listen to a lot of audiobooks, especially when we’re in the car.  We’ve started listening to the Harry Potter series recently which has spurred a new obsession in my children. They now watch Harry Potter YouTube videos and play Harry Potter pretend games and Harry Potter Barbies and Harry Potter Legos and are already begging to be Harry and Hermoine for Halloween. I like that they get so into their stories, but I don’t remember a commitment … Read more