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44 Positive Affirmations for Defeating Temptation and Overcoming Addiction

44 positive affirmations for defeating temptation and overcoming addiction - You will find tons of encouragement and inspiration for recovery and making healthy decisions and choices in these 44 printable positive affirmations cards for kids, teens, and adults. Calm, peaceful thoughts, these inspiring words will expose the truths of our power in a repeatable way.

Eight years ago, when I was in the behavioral health center (which means mental hospital in plain English), I learned about the power of positive affirmations. I started using some at that time, and I have tweaked them constantly over the years. I design them on my computer, print them on cardstock, laminate them, and hang them in different places that I’ll see them throughout the day. I have affirmations in my bathroom, on the mirror, on the mirror on my dresser, on the shelf above my work computer, and in my living room. I stop and repeat my affirmations three … Read more

17 Easy Ways to Develop a Positive Outlook

17 easy ways to develop a positive mindset - The power of a positive outlook is great and far-reaching. Inspiration and motivation for healthy thinking at work and at school. These activities, tips, and ideas work for women and men and even kids and teens. Lots of Christian life thoughts for making you happy through prayer, scripture, and more.

I wrote in a post in 2013 called 13 Bible verses to overcome disappointment. I said that I was not born an optimist, and I don’t think anybody really is. What a depressing thought, but it was 100% true for me at the time. I have good news for you. In the years since that, I have grown into an optimist. Mostly. I have developed those skills, and now I usually see the world through rosy glasses, though I will be the first to admit that I still have snarky and sarcastic moments once in a while. Why does a positive … Read more

25 Bible Verses on Joy & Happiness

25 Bible verses on joy & happiness. These encouraging scriptures will bring gladness and lasting joy to your life. The words and truths of The Lord God and Jesus Christ will lift you up and give you strength. Beautiful Christian thoughts for my heart.

There have been times in my life when I had joy and times when I had no joy. Looking back, the times when I had no joy are much more clear and well-defined: When my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and up through (and beyond, if I’m being honest) her death nine months later When I got laid off from a job I loved When I was on pregnancy bed rest and had to lie down 23 hours a day for more than 8 weeks When I had postpartum depression, up through being diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a … Read more

27 Awesome, Inspiring Harry Potter Quotes

Awesome Harry Potter quotes from Dumbledore, Snape, Harry, Hermione, Sirius, and more. I love all these quotes to live by. The best printable quotes for a tattoo. Meaningful truths.

My kids and I listened to the entire Harry Potter audiobook series in 2018. The stories were wonderful and amazing and impactful, and we fell instantly and completely in love with Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the rest. Except maybe not Draco Malfoy, although I’ve even seen some interesting notes on his character that make me like him a little bit more. As we finished a book, we would buy the accompanying movie on Amazon and watch it together. The girls were Harry and Hermione for Halloween, and half of everything we own now has HP and his cronies on it. Anyway, Snape … Read more

90 Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse (Free Printable)

90 ways to reconnect with your spouse ( husband or wife ) and improve your marriage. Simple ideas and conversation starters for building a solid relationship after baby, with parenting duties, or during a busy season. Could even work after an affair or separation, to help rekindle the spark you once had. Lots of simple ideas and fun dates to enjoy your life together.

Throughout the last few years, Joe and I have gradually grown apart. I slept with Allie in her bed, and he slept in our bed. We never hugged or kissed and often didn’t even usually have nice words for one another. Joe and I have seen a therapist for emotionally focused therapy for years and years, maybe seven? It’s been a long time, even though EFT is supposed to be a short-term solution. We both have a lot of childhood issues to work out, and they have had lasting effects on our relationships with people in general, but especially with … Read more

How to Be Happy – 20 Things to Stop Doing Today to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life

How to Be Happy - 20 Things to Stop Doing Today to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life - This smart list will improve your life now. People have a lot of bad habits, and to quit them will make things better for sure. These quotes and tips will help you to be satisfied and content with yourself and in your relationship with money. Everyday advice for women and men, moms, teens, and even kids.

I have written quite a bit about all the healthy, positive habits you could start doing to be more productive! and get more done! and be happier! and be healthier! and all that jazz, and I suspect that at least a few of you think, “Are you kidding me?” when you get one of those emails from me. I hear you. If someone told me one more thing that I should accomplish in the day, I might turn into a crazy person. Or eat a whole container of brownies. Probably the brownies. My point today is not to tell you all the … Read more