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110 Self-Care Ideas for Busy Women

105 awesome, creative, DIY self care ideas for busy women especially moms - It is not easy to love yourself, but it is essential. Simple and easy activities that anyone can do. Challenges and things to do for kids, teens, and adults, and even for men. Helps with physical, mental, and emotional health as it fights depression, anxiety, and stress. Great inspiration and encouragement to feel better. Christian themes and suggestions.

I have been seeing a therapist for many years, since my mother died in 2013. I have seen other therapists at various times in my life, but this one is the only one I’ve ever seen consistently and on a long-term basis. One of the things she has had to drill into me with a jackhammer was the importance of self-care. Before starting to see her, I bottled up all my emotions and shut them away, believing that emotions were bad. It was like Tom Hanks was living in my head screaming, “There’s no crying in baseball!” except it was not … Read more

Printable Photo Scavenger Hunt for Tweens, Teens, & Adults

Photo Scavenger hunt for Kids, Tweens, Teens, & Adults - This awesome list includes both indoor and outdoor ideas. Perfect for a birthday party, group, or team event. Could be done at school, home, Girl Scouts, or homeschool. Great family activity for spring, summer, or fall.

I am a Girl Scout leader for two troops. I’m the leader of Grace’s 6th grade Cadette troop, and I’m the assistant leader of Allie’s 2nd grade Brownie troop. I don’t do much planning for the Brownies; the main leader does all the work for that one. But for the Cadettes, pretty much everything falls to me. A lot of Cadettes take responsibility for their troops, but my girls aren’t really into girl-led activities. In fact, I let them plan out most of the year this year, and they didn’t really follow through on the activities they had planned which … Read more

All About My Mom – Mother’s Day Interview for Kids

Way back in 2013, I started Mother’s Day notebooks for each of my kids. I asked Joe to interview them and write down their answers exactly and I keep them in notebooks with all the pictures they’ve drawn of me and all of the special little “I love my mom” cards they give me. These two notebooks are among my treasured possessions. The Mother’s Day interviews we have used since the very beginning look like this: I printed out 6 for each girl when we first started, so I ran out after last year. When Mother’s Day rolled around in … Read more

5 Awesome Free Bible Verse Wallpapers for Smart Phones

I like my phone. I think I look at it about 3,759 times a day. I also like the Bible. I wish I could say I look at it 3,759 times a day, but that would be a big fat lie. Something you might have guessed about me is that scripture memory is important to me. I like having Bible verses in the corners of my brain, ready to take out and dust off when the moment requires, when I’m having a bad day or when a friend needs comfort. I’m also a big word nerd, so the sound bite … Read more

14 Exercise Excuse Busters – Motivation and Encouragement to Exercise When You Don’t Feel Like It

How to get motivated to workout - When you exercise early in the morning or later in the day, these excuse busters will motivate, inspire, and encourage you to get it done. Quotes and phrases for motivation and inspiration. Working out will help in losing weight and getting fit. Awesome tips for women and men.

In 2018, I had a streak during which I walked at least 3 miles, usually 4-5 miles, every single day without exception for over 200 days. My streak went from April, through the warm spring and hot, humid summer and into mid November. I didn’t have a treadmill back then, so I walked outside. Every day. In 90º heat sometimes. I also walked in the cold, when temperatures dropped down below 20º. I walked no matter what. Then, late in the year, I hurt my knee and broke my toe and had to take a few days off which turned … Read more

What It’s Like to Be the Child of a Hoarder

What it's like to be the child of a hoarder

Imagine living in an ant hill, walking through trails barely wide enough to pass and finding a little pocket of space here and an empty chair there. If you were an ant, you might not mind, but if you’re a human being, it’s no fun. It impacts your mental health and well-being. My mother was a compulsive hoarder. She was the kind of hoarder you’ve seen on tv, where there are paths through the house and the stuff is piled up to your chest in every room. She’s been gone for almost six years, but I feel ashamed even now … Read more