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Photos With Santa

I’ve been sitting on this post for two days, hoping that my feelings about it would fade and I’d just send it to the trash and forget the whole thing. I’m so not about drama, and the first half of this post is all drama. If you want to skip the drama, head down to the Bass Pro Shops heading. The Capital City Mall Drama On Monday, my car’s battery died, and the girls and I went to Sears to have it replaced. The technician said it would take an hour and a half or two hours. So. We walked … Read more

Is Santa Real?

Is Santa real?

Mom, is Mrs. Santa real? Those words stopped me in my proverbial tracks, sucked the very breath from my lungs, and ended the childhood of my first born. I mean, it would have ended her childhood, except that I lied. “Of course she’s real, baby. Why do you ask?” She shrugged. I dunno. Are you sure she’s real? “Yep. She’s real.” And then we stared each other down, both waiting for the other to blink, both giving the hairy eyeball. I’m pretty sure she knows. Earlier this week, I told my mom that I was afraid this would be her … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschool Girls

I love Christmas. I love our Advent traditions. I love giving and receiving gifts. Last year, I made a large list of gifts for preschoolers. Most of them were things that Grace was getting, but a few were things that she already had. This year, I decided to put that list together with other assorted things we own and like. Like last year, every item on this list is something that I have or would spend my money on. I have not included anything because it was given to me by a company or PR rep; that is not my … Read more