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When Calls the Heart Season 2 Wrap Up

The When Calls the Heart season finale is tomorrow night! This is it #Hearties! I’m pretty sad about the season ending, but I’m super excited to see what happens in tomorrow night’s finale (at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel). This season has been an exciting one, with Elizabeth traveling back and forth between Hope Valley and Hamilton twice. The first time, Jack escorted her back because her mother was ill, and the second time, he escorted her back because her sister and his brother were in an automobile crash together. During this second visit, things became strained between the two of … Read more

5 Ways to Unwind After a Long Week

Before I became a mom, Saturday nights were for going out. They were for drinking and parties and friends and sometimes even dancing (but not usually because I am far too uptight for all that). Saturday nights now have a distinctly different flavor. It’s more of a enjoy the peace and quiet because the kids are sleeping kind of fun. Or, better (?) yet, I usually have a slumber party with the kids in my bed on Saturday night, and I go to sleep with them. Since I work late into the evenings during the week, I spend this special time … Read more

When Calls the Heart, Season 2: Episodes 1-3

We’re three episodes in to the second season of When Calls the Heart. I’d love to know what you think so far! Leave a comment below. If you missed an episode or two, here’s what’s been happening: The coal mine was closed when the mining company was found by a judge to have covered up dangerous working conditions leading to the explosion that killed most of the town’s men. The town was renamed Hope Valley, and a sawmill opened up to provide jobs to the town’s men who were left unemployed when the mine closed. Elizabeth went home to care for … Read more

3 Reasons to Watch When Calls the Heart

I was hooked from the first ten minutes of the When Calls the Heart pilot movie, and I haven’t stopped watching since. Here’s the story line: Prim and proper Elizabeth Thatcher leaves her wealthy family (and servants and hot baths and indoor plumbing and extravagant wardrobe) in the east of Canada to become a schoolteacher in a tiny Wild West town called Coal Valley. Her family doesn’t want her to leave, but after a brief conversation with her father about life callings and heart tuggings, Elizabeth decides to leave her home behind and head west. (That all takes place in the … Read more