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10 Ways to Ease Kids’ Fears

For better or for worse, I have been transparent about my 8-year-old’s anxiety disorder. She takes daily medication, and that medication allows her to see past her paralyzing anxieties and realize a brave, joyful life with our family. That medication is a gift from God. (If you want to know more about what it’s like to live with a childhood anxiety disorder, go check out this post.) Most kids don’t have what Grace has. Most kids have normal kid fears. Let’s talk about those for a moment. Afraid of the dark, scared of spiders, worried about thunder – these are … Read more

A Kids’ Bucket List – 82 Things Every Kid Should Do Before They Grow Up

Kids' Bucket List - Almost 100 ideas and experiences that every kid should have. Some for boys, but mostly for girls. Year round fun for summer, winter, spring, and fall. These are the activities and things that all children should 'do before I die.' Awesome ideas for friends and family road trips and vacations. Mom and Dad will have great memories of childhood as well as their kids.

I grew up in a trailer home in the boonies, over the hill, through the woods, and across the dirt road from Old Grandma (who still lives there). I remember distinctly the very first time I ever went into the big city (Pittsburgh). I gazed at the groups of people standing on street corners, waiting to cross, and the long lines of cars and the tall buildings. I saw people who looked different from me. I was completely in awe. I must have been about five years old. My kids have had a decidedly different experience. They have iPads and … Read more

Making the Most of Easter at the Last Minute

Today is Good Friday, and I’m on the Tommy Nelson blog talking about creating an especially fun and meaningful Easter with your family, even at the last minute. Here are some easy ideas for making the most of Easter at the last minute 1. Turn off all the lights. There was a period of darkness when Jesus died, right? So don’t use any lights tonight. Do everything by candlelight and remind your kids that the world was dark before Jesus died for us. 2. Read books. Reading is always a good idea. Two of my favorite Easter books are God … Read more

A Prayer for My Children

I read once that the average American buys one book per year. We are way above average. We get at least one book a month, but mostly closer to 3-4 books a month. Some we buy, some are for reviews (like the one below), but books always have a way of finding us. Not always is a book as well received as this one. When I opened the package containing Duck Commander Devotions for Kids, Grace squealed, grabbed it, and retreated to her room. I haven’t seen it since; she reads it every night before she goes to bed. You … Read more

10 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

I have said often that I am okay having Santa Claus deliver big piles of gifts on Christmas Eve because I am confident that my kids know why we’re celebrating to begin with. But how do they know? It’s not like any child pauses in the middle of tearing wrapping paper to reflect on Jesus and the gift of His birth. Let’s get real. It takes conscious effort, continual reinforcement, and intentional activities on my part for my kids to understand and remember that Jesus IS The Gift. It doesn’t just happen. My pastor’s sermon today was about giving, giving … Read more

Childhood Anxiety, Drugs, and Faith

Grace has a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Someone told me recently, “Don’t we all?” and that made me bristle. No, we don’t all have what Grace has. I hesitated to write and publish this post because of Grace’s privacy. I don’t want her someday to be upset that I shared her personal struggle. On the other hand, childhood anxiety disorders are not something that we talk about, and I think talking about them is important. I noticed that there was something different about her after our car crash in 2009, but I went along with the pediatrician, who said that treatment … Read more