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Easy DIY Duct Tape Binoculars Made from Toilet Paper Tubes

Easy 5-minute Duct Tape Binoculars Made from Toilet Paper Rolls

We made this craft back in January, when we were watching birds at the feeder in front of our living room window. Allie thought it was so cool to have her own binoculars to stare at the birds fifteen feet away. She carried those binoculars around all the time, abusing them as any 3-year-old would. Thanks to the duct tape, they stayed together. They’re still around here somewhere even now, 7 months later. Materials: A heavy pair of scissors Two empty toilet paper tubes A roll or two of fancy duct tape – A note about the tape in the … Read more

Simplify Your Life by Covering Up Your Band-aids (featuring Safeskin Kid Sports Wrap & a $100 giveaway)

safeskin kids sports wrap review

Is there a child in the world who doesn’t delight in her scrapes and bumps in a strange way? Who doesn’t celebrate her booboos in a thinly veiled plea for pity and bandages? Please tell me that your kids do this. If they don’t, mine must be weird, and that cannot possibly be the case. Look at her mother, after all. Maybe you shouldn’t. Let’s move on. My kid looks at her booboos. She examines them. She shows them to everyone she meets, giving a detailed explanation of the incident in which the wound occurred and a thorough report of … Read more

Who Do You Want to Be?

Playing with Grace has taken on new level of fun. Grace has been interested in pretend play for years. She wasn’t yet two when she started playing with Alicia and Diego in the backyard. But it has escalated. These days, we pretend to be every character that Grace has ever seen. Robin Hood, Little John, and Maid Marian. The fox and the hound. Dumbo and his momma. Alicia and Diego. Olivia and Ian. The baby and the momma. Tuck and Ming Ming and Linny. Daddy and Momma. Aurora and Prince Phillip. Ariel and Sebastian. Ariel and the king. Ariel and … Read more

Making a Homemade Play Mailbox

After reading about this crafty mailbox on No Time for Flashcards, I was inspired to make one with Grace. She loves getting the mail. When Allie first posted it, I knew it was a project that Grace would love, but I put it on my mental back burner, and we never made it. This past week, though, we got a small box in the mail from Sara Lee, and as soon as I saw it, I thought would make the perfect mailbox. I was right. I started out by cutting a hole in one side of the box, near the … Read more