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35 Coping Skills for Parents to Help Their Kids with Anxiety

35 Coping Skills for Parents to Help Their Kids with Anxiety - Helping children with normal anxieties or anxiety disorders at home or at school. Simple and easy strategies, activities, and ideas to make parenting anxious children easier. Great for students and teachers. Mental health is super important and making feelings less scary and even fun makes all the difference. Great for kids, teens, and adults with panic attacks or anger management issues. These strategies cover all big feelings and stress.

All kids (and adults) experience anxiety. They might worry about their mom dying and leaving them or about what’s under the bed in their dark bedroom. Many worry about strangers and about whether people like them. The strategies and coping skills listed below will help normal kids with normal anxieties, but I really meant them to help parents of kids who are different, kids like mine for whom anxiety colors every single situation they face and often makes them paralyzed and unable to stop the worries. As an adult, I have had a few anxiety attacks. Anyone who’s ever had … Read more