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Paper Fortune Cookie Tutorial

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies - No template needed because they're made from a circle. Includes a free printable with 100 fortunes. These are fun for Chinese New Year or New Year's Eve. Cute treats for friends, families, or birthdays and parties. Includes some simple and awesome Bible verses.

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these paper fortune cookies. They’re inspired by the Silhouette machine template below, but you can make them almost as easily without a machine. When I saw these paper fortune cookies in the Silhouette store, I had to make some. I downloaded the files, picked out some papers, and got started. And then I realized that you could make these just as easily without a Silhouette machine. That’s when I decided to share the tutorial here. Because, who doesn’t love fortune cookies? Grace is already all over them; begging to open a … Read more

Watch Me on HuffPost Live – Not Bringing the Holidays Down a Notch

Last night, I was invited to be a guest on the Huffington Post Live – 45 minutes before the show. The show was about bringing the holidays down a notch. They had seen my recent post on the same, and they wanted me to join in the conversation. I had to run upstairs, put on a bra and a shirt (because I was still in my pajamas), fix up my hair a little, hunt frantically for some mascara and lipstick, give up hunting for mascara and lipstick, and prop up my computer in such a way that the webcam was … Read more

Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and the Last Minute

Jesus, The Easter Bunny, and the Last Minute

So far this Easter season, Grace has attended an Easter party and an Easter egg hunt, counted a myriad of jelly beans, made an Easter egg out of buttons, played with an Easter egg sensory bin, made Rice Krispies nests, conducted taste tests with jelly beans, grown crystals in Easter eggs, read Easter stories (favorites – The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes {which I love, love, love, love!} and Fancy Nancy {because she enhances every holiday}, and crafted countless bunnies with and without baskets. Living fully, right? We’ve had a great time. The thing about living fully is … Read more

Living Fully – Why I’m Not Bringing Our Holidays Down a Notch

Bring the Holidays Down a Notch

Yesterday, I refused to take Grace to Girl Scouts because it was snowing and the roads weren’t plowed or treated. She was disappointed. Last week, I broke the news to Grace that we are not going to participate in the homeschool co-op next year. She was disappointed. Last month, Grace’s friends at church went to Disney World (for two weeks!). They came back and told her all about the rides and the food and the characters. Grace asked if we could go to Disney World. I told her that maybe, some day we could, but it’s very expensive and will … Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Grace made this beautiful Valentine on Sunday at church. She was so proud of it that she presented it to me as soon as church was over.   It tickled me because it says, “Tweet Me!” and “Text Me!” and Grace really knows what those means. She’s forever asking me, Who are you texting, Mom? and What are you texting? So anyway. I hope you have a great and happy Valentine’s Day today. Tell someone you love what they mean to you today.