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How to Roast Frozen Brussel Sprouts

how to roast frozen brussels sprouts - It is easy to bake frozen vegetables with these instructions. Use a little olive oil and throw them in the oven following these directions. Simple and easy.

I love roasted vegetables. I can’t think of a single vegetable that doesn’t taste better when roasted. Even the veggies that normally get a bad rap – asparagus, brussels sprouts, beets, cauliflower – are flavorful and tasty when you roast them. Fresh veggies are always best to roast. They take on a rich, full flavor, and they don’t lose their texture. I have been hungry for roasted brussels sprouts for a couple of weeks, but I couldn’t find any in the produce section of the grocery store. So. I bought a bag of frozen brussel sprouts. I wasn’t sure if … Read more

Garlic Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese

When I met my husband, he was convinced that asparagus was the most disgusting, slimy, revolting vegetable on the planet. “You’ve never had my asparagus,” I told him. He’d only eaten asparagus out of a can, soggy and salty and mush. That is no way to eat any vegetable, but especially fragile asparagus spears. The best way to eat it is freshly cut from the garden, drizzled with olive oil, and roasted. You can find the details of that roasting method in my egg and asparagus salad post. This recipe takes my favorite method and makes it even more appealing … Read more

Marinated Cauliflower

marinated cauliflower

On our third or fourth date, Joe took me to a Penn State football game. Incidentally, that was the date on which I knew we’d get married. It was uncanny. Anyway, I’d never been tailgating before. I’d been to lots and lots of football games as a student, but I hadn’t been to a football game since I’d graduated, and I had just never done the tailgating thing. I didn’t really know what to expect. Imagine my surprise when the nervous fellow I’d been seeing opened the trunk of his car and began to grab dish after dish, container after … Read more

10 Uses for a Cheese Grater

cheese grater

Grating your own cheese is infinitely more tasty than using the pre-grated cheese that you buy in the store. Try it some day, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Freshly grated cheese melts more quickly and has a completely different texture than the cheese that you buy pre-grated in a bag. Have you ever looked at the grated cheese you buy in the store? On the ingredient list is likely a substance called cellulose. Cellulose comes from plants, and it’s totally undigestable. Its only purpose in the package of cheese is to prevent it from caking after it’s been … Read more

10 Foods to Make with a Blender


I had a blender for at least six years before I ever used it. No kidding. Is that silly or what? Since I got married and had Grace, we’ve used our blender for all kinds of things, including the following: 10 Foods to Make with a Blender Smoothies, milkshakes, and frozen drinks. This is the obvious one, right? Generally, the chop setting works best for ice-based drinks. Whether you are using a prepared milkshake mix, fresh fruit, or alcohol, the drink will come out better if you put it in the blender. Your finished drink should be frothy and light. … Read more

Pasta with Tomato Gorgonzola Sauce

Joe and I have been making this recipe for years and years, perhaps since before we were even married. I haven’t got the faintest idea where the original recipe came from; it’s one of those hand-written recipe cards that found its way into our kitchen. We’ve tweaked it many times over the years, making minor improvements here and there. Because it reheats wonderfully, this is one of our favorite make-ahead meals. Especially when we know ahead of time that we will be in a rush after work, we make this the night before we plan to eat it. It’s better … Read more