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Save Kids Lives with Global Road Safety Week

Is your road safe for your kids to ride bikes on? Is it safe to take a walk on? Unfortunately, the answer for many children is a resounding NO. Motorists drive too fast, pay too little attention, and create generally unsafe conditions for kids. And then there’s the issue of highway safety where drivers speed by ten, twenty, even thirty miles an hour over the speed limit (or more!). This isn’t just an American issue; it’s an issue all over the world. In the United States and around the world, traffic–related injuries are the leading killer of children ages five … Read more

Keeping Kids Safe with Safe Drive Systems

Did you know that a mom with kids in the car is twice as likely to have a car crash as a drunk driver? Twice as likely! If that’s not a staggering statistic, I don’t know what is. Dr. David Strayer, leading US researcher on accidents and driving safety, found that moms are the most distracted drivers on the road, watching the backseat, even turning around to address crying or fighting children at least once per trip. I’m a mom. I get it. I do it, too. Did you know that your car travels about 176 feet in the time … Read more

I Drive You to Walmart. Let’s Go.

My mother discovered Walmart in 1994 when we moved to the Harrisburg area. Prior to that, we’d shopped in other discount stores – Hills, Ames, Murphy’s, Jamesway, Woolworth’s, and Zayre’s – because she had a penchant for shopping, but we’d never encountered a Walmart. It was love at first sight. My mother could spend three or four or five hours in a Walmart. She browsed. She wandered the aisles. She’d find things she liked and things she needed and things she knew someone else would like. She shopped for Christmas year round. She’d dig through clearance bins and $5 DVD shelves … Read more