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There’s a New Wipe in Town – Seventh Generation Free and Clear

With few exceptions, I am very brand loyal. For example, I started using a particular brand of baby wipes when Grace was born, and I never switched to another brand. I tried a different one here and there, especially if someone gave me some wipes or if I had to use someone else’s in the church nursery. I always came back to the same old brand, though, because they worked and they didn’t irritate my girls’ skin. That’s a lot of wipes over the last five and a half years. A few weeks ago, Seventh Generation asked me to review … Read more

Our First Flush Party

I’m not waiting for Allie’s First Flush any more. Oh, don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not because it’s happened. On the contrary, I’ve given up home and decided to put flushing out of my mind until Allie takes the lead again. Nonetheless, I committed to have a First Flush party before Allie had decided not to learn to use the potty. I thought about nominating Grace as our Honorary Big Kid for the day, but changed my mind. It was Allie’s day.   But I did let Grace wear a Big Kid party hat anyway. At the First Flush … Read more

Pull-Ups Celebrates the First Flush (Just Not at My House)

pullups training pants

On January 29th, Pull-Ups is throwing a giant potty training celebration in Times Square to help parents and tots kick off potty training the right way. With a giant potty (what?!), live performers, and a spectacular light-up billboard celebration, parents and tots can experience the excitement first hand as they prepare to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in a child’s transition from baby to Big Kid┞¢ – their First Flush. Pull-Ups is asking parents to share their kids’ First Flush celebration moment for a chance to be featured on a Times Square billboard during the First Flush celebration on … Read more

Celebrate the First Flush

“Poop!” Allie is becoming aware of the things going on in her diaper. About thirty-seven times a day, she tells me, “Poop!” I think this is a sign she’s ready to begin learning to use the potty. We have started potty training very casually, just sitting her on the potty when she asks. Which is not very often. Like once or twice a week. While she’s sitting there, she stuffs the potty full of toilet paper, one square at a time. Until I put the toilet paper out of her reach. Then she’s done and refuses to sit any more. … Read more

Our New Diapers (featuring Huggies Snug & Dry)

Huggies Snug & Dry review

Since Allie was born, we have used cloth diapers. Needing to find the most economical diapering solution, we spent $100 on prefold diapers and diaper covers. Joe and I washed diapers every other day, and we made it work for over 15 months. Then my dad noticed that Allie, who had been walking for almost 6 months, wasn’t walking correctly. When she walked, her legs stuck out much further than is normal. My cloth diapers were holding her legs out and forcing her to waddle. Until my dad pointed it out, I had never noticed. Once I noticed, I couldn’t … Read more