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How to Make an Easy $2 Witch’s Hat

How to Make an Easy $2 Witch's Hat

This is a sponsored post. My girls like to wear birthday hats. Allie especially likes them because she thinks she’ll get a birthday cake and presents every time she puts one on. It never pans out, but she always has hope. I buy party hats at the dollar store. They have tons of them to choose from in several different sizes, and they are very cheap. The last time we were there, they had big, fancy ones – covered in stars, with tinsel at the top and all around the bottom. I mentioned to Grace that the black ones looked … Read more

Trick or Treating with Barbie #BarbiePhotoFashion

You know how I feel about the princess culture, but my girls wanted to be sparkly pink princesses this year for Halloween. Both of them, separately. I tried to talk them out of pink princess costumes, but they screamed and cried and insisted. I gave up. They wanted to be pink sparkly princesses, so be it. Here they are in all their superlative synchronous cuteness: What my self-righteous pre-parenthood self would say about me now. I waited to write my third and last Barbie Photo Fashion Doll post until the girls went Trick or Treating. So here it is. Grace’s obsession with … Read more