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Spring Spruce Up Linky

This week, I explained how to give your bathroom a thorough cleaning, starting with the toilet and sink then the rest of the room. This week, the following bloggers tackled other rooms in their homes: Sprucing Up the Laundry Room | Mama’s Laundry Talk Sprucing Up the School Room | Homegrown Mom Sprucing Up the Craft Room | Many Little Blessings Sprucing Up the Bathroom | Feels Like Home Sprucing Up the Playroom | …Life’s About a Dream Sprucing Up the Garage/Storage Space | A Slob Comes Clean Sprucing Up the Master Bedroom | Raising Arrows Sprucing Up Your Homeschool … Read more

10 Ways to Clean with Vinegar in the Kitchen

There is no need to buy fancy chemical-based cleaners for most jobs.  In fact, vinegar is the best all-around cleaner that I know of. Here are some of the ways that I use it: 10 Uses for Vinegar De-stink your kitchen towels. Tammy’s Kitchen has a great solution for getting rid of the sour stink. Trap fruit flies. I learned this tip from Tammy’s Kitchen, too. I set out a dish of red wine vinegar to trap fruit flies, and it worked really well. Remove soap scum and hard water spots. Our glasses, plates, and bowls get coated in soap … Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Toilet

Last month, I did a review as part of The Home Depot’s Renew Your Bathroom promotion. That promotion has ended, but our bathroom refresher has just begun. This is our fancy, new dual flush toilet. Except, inside, it’s not quite sparkling and new any more. I blame the cats. Cats can learn to use the toilet, you know. It’s too bad mine never did; that would be a perfect excuse. How to Clean A Toilet In my homemade cleaning products post, I explained that you can use full strength white vinegar to clean your toilet. That will take out soap … Read more

Feathering My Nest

This pregnancy has been so different from my last one that I have trouble believing the result will be the same. I remarked just today that my feet weren’t swollen the last time until I was well past 7 months along. This time, my feet and legs are swelling, and I’m just 9 weeks pregnant. A friend mentioned that it’s the weather that makes pregnant women swell more than the stage of pregnancy. I wonder if there’s something to that. Anyway, when I was pregnant with Grace, I had no desire to clean. I slept a lot. I did a … Read more