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100 Things I Enjoy, 11-20

Last week, there was one day when I cried all day long. I woke up feeling fine (before my kids were up!), but I hadn’t slept well and I was convinced that I was making no progress in managing this illness. I noticed that two people I like had unfollowed me on Twitter. One is a friend, and the other is an inspiration to me. (Of course, in the light of day with some perspective and clarity, it turns out that neither unfollowed me on purpose and both re-followed me, making it a non-issue all together.) It brought me down. … Read more

100 Things I Enjoy, 1-10

Most days, it feels like my house is going to fall down around me around 2:30pm. Grace won’t take a nap. It seems she’d prefer to be overtired and grumpy and mean and whine about all of the injustices in her life. Allie has recently started playing nicely with some toys, but also hits a wall of fatigue and grumpiness in the late afternoon. They whine in stereo. And, judging by my reaction to their grumpiness, I’m pretty sure that I have something going on in the late afternoon, too. It’s a hunch. One thing we’ve been talking about in … Read more