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Washi Tape Butterfly Magnet Craft

This super cute, simple, and easy washi tape craft also uses a popsicle stick and pipe cleaners to make a little butterfly or dragonfly. Great for toddlers, preschoolers, kids, teens, or adults to decorate the walls. Nice spring or summer decoration. Cute and creative ideas for girls and women.

I am in love with washi tape. If you haven’t seen my stash already, here it is in all its glory. It’s a sickness, really. I can’t walk past a display of washi tape without buying a tube or two. Joe and the kids mock me. Washi Tape Butterfly Magnet Craft I actually made these little butterflies twice. I made them the first time with popsicle sticks, as you can see below, but I didn’t like the long sticks and took them apart. I could have used mini popsicle sticks or cut these with my handy dandy miter box and saw, … Read more

Easy Beaded Butterfly Craft

We keep a plastic grocery bag stuffed full of empty toilet paper rolls on the doorknob of the closet in our bathroom. Once, Joe threw the whole bag away, and I grumbled for days. He hasn’t made that mistake again. Because we have all the empty toilet paper rolls that we want, we make all kinds of toilet paper roll crafts. They’re convenient little recyclables. Back in March, Grace wrote a story about an orange and black butterfly. It is hanging in our art gallery, formerly known as the doors of the china cabinet. (Because of her difficulties with the physical … Read more

Your Backyard: The Life & Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly DVD Review

butterfly DVD

This past summer, I bought one of those Grow Your Own Butterflies kits. I knew that Grace would love to watch the caterpillars grow, form their chrysalises, and erupt as butterflies. I was right. She was completely enchanted by our painted lady butterflies. There was nothing that she didn’t enjoy. She watched the tiny caterpillars munch on their yellow goo food. She watched the caterpillars shed their skin and grow fatter and fatter. She checked the chrysalises each and every day, usually multiple times. And when they were butterflies? She never took her eyes off of them. With those butterflies … Read more