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How to Improve Your Bible Journaling with Adhesive Stencils

If you are new to Bible journaling, you will probably want to check out my post on how to get started Bible journaling. That post includes the steps I take to create a journal entry and the tools I use on every one. When my friend, Beth, was telling me about her Bible journaling, one of the first things she showed me was her set of adhesive stencils. I had never even heard of adhesive stencils, but they gave me the push I needed to finally attempt Bible journaling on my own. I have always thought of myself as creative … Read more

How to Get Started Bible Journaling – The Basics

I have seen friends’ journaling Bibles and thought they were so neat. I loved how they emphasized key verses, and I loved the artistic quality of the journaling. I initially thought, “I could never do that because I am not artistic!” and I left it at that. The more Bible journals I saw, the more intrigued I became. Finally, I was there as a girlfriend showed all her tools and tricks to another lady. I decided to take the plunge knowing that I am not artistic, but I am creative, and I would do the best I could with the helps Beth … Read more