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20 Bible Verses on Gratitude & Being Thankful

Bible Verses on gratitude & being thankful - These 20 scriptures will encourage you to be grateful in every circumstance. The words of the Lord Jesus Christ and others will inspire you to walk in life, truth, and faith with a grateful heart.

I think my word of the year for 2018 will be contentment. I struggle with contentment and gratitude, and that leads me to constantly overspending. I just really need that one thing. And then that other one thing. And then that one more one thing. It never ends. My kids have the same problem. I have a post coming up next week on raising grateful kids because I think it’s so important to focus on gratitude at this greedy time of year. Christmas is over, and we can now stop thinking about all the things we hope to get and … Read more

How to Improve Your Bible Journaling with Adhesive Stencils

If you are new to Bible journaling, you will probably want to check out my post on how to get started Bible journaling. That post includes the steps I take to create a journal entry and the tools I use on every one. When my friend, Beth, was telling me about her Bible journaling, one of the first things she showed me was her set of adhesive stencils. I had never even heard of adhesive stencils, but they gave me the push I needed to finally attempt Bible journaling on my own. I have always thought of myself as creative … Read more