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I am inadequate. For almost three months, I have fretted the days away, frustrated that I can’t parent two children at the same time. It’s almost harder than I can bear. I haven’t enjoyed my new baby because I’ve been so focused on how hard she’s made my life, how she’s complicated everything. Bed rest, her slow start, her serious illness, her early teething. Nothing is easy with this little baby. Yesterday, I had a revelation. I am inadequate. I’m supposed to be inadequate. We all are. I am inadequate, but He is more than enough. He created this little … Read more

My Personal Mission Statement

One of the first activities in the Weight Release workbook is a personal mission statement.
When I first spoke with Freeman about the Weight Release program, he told me that it would be difficult. He said that I needed an imperative, a reason for going through the process. The workbook echos this idea.
I want to be skinny doesn’t work…

I am Invincible

I have been exercising regularly for seven weeks. I am strong. I am invincible. I hadn’t lost any pounds in the last two or three weeks, so I started evaluating things. I decided it could be my exercise routine, so I went to Walmart and got a different one. I later discovered that I could have started doing customized workouts on my EA Sports Active game, so I’ll probably come back to that later on. Joe and I looked over all of the Wii options, and we decided on The Biggest Loser. On the back of the package, it talked … Read more

I Have Momentum

“I have worried about you for years, Tara. You have always been so confident and comfortable with yourself that I didn’t think you would ever decide to lose weight.” My friend, Marjy, is lean and frenetic. We’ve always joked about being physical opposites. I smiled. “It never bothered me enough to do anything about it.” I didn’t need to explain more than that. Marjy knows that I am lazy and that I detest hard work. “I know. That’s why I worried. I am so relieved that you are changing your body and your habits. You are going to have a … Read more

Get Up and Exercise

There’s a real contrast between people who exercise and people who don’t exercise. I really believe that. Until recently, I’ve always identified myself as a person who doesn’t exercise, and that belief has been a major factor in my being overweight. My colleague across the hall is an elite marathon runner. Obviously, he is a person who does exercise. He runs twice a day, often for an hour or more at a time. He runs more miles in one day that I’ve run in my entire life. That’s not hard, but still. You get the idea. Until recently, there was … Read more