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10 Things to Cook in a Muffin Tin

muffin pan recipes

Of course, you can make muffins and cupcakes in a muffin tin (FYI: any quick bread or cake recipe, even a boxed mix, will make great muffins or cupcakes), and muffin tins can be used to serve food children. But what else can you use them for? A few of these things are the same as my creative uses for a bundt pan. Why? Because the meal itself is that versatile, and can adapt to almost any container. As with the bundt pan, make sure you grease, wipe with melted butter, or spritz the muffin cups with non-stick cooking spray … Read more

10 Things to Cook in a Bundt Pan

what to do with a bundt pan

Some call it a bundt pan, a fluted pan, or even an angel food cake pan. Do you have one? Do you use it? A tube pan is slightly different than a bundt pan. A bundt pan (pictured below) has indentations that make bumps on the finished cake. A tube pan has a flat bottom and sides. They are otherwise the same, and all of the following suggestions will work in either kind of pan. At the opening dinner of the Savvy Blogging Summit years ago, Debba confided that she’d thrown her bundt pan away. Another person at our table, … Read more

The Best Potato Salad Ever

We had an impromptu picnic on Memorial Day. We hadn’t planned it, really, but invited a few people over the night before to enjoy our air conditioning (the temperature was expected to soar into the mid-90’s) and some good food. We ended up eating outside on the deck, which was totally ridiculous given the temperature outside. At any rate, Joe whipped up my favorite macaroni salad for the picnic. Knowing that my mom doesn’t like cold macaroni, I asked him to make up some potato salad, too. When he asked for a recipe, I told him to use the same … Read more

BBQ Chicken Enchiladas

The best BBQ chicken enchiladas. These are so simple and easy, but so amazing!

While I was writing a blog post, Joe asked me what we should have for dinner. It was late in the day, and we needed something quick and easy. I suggested BBQ enchiladas, knowing that we had everything required. Joe thought they sounded good, too, so he got to work. And then he realized that we didn’t have any enchilada sauce, only taco sauce. Rats. The recipe was started. Instead of bagging the whole thing (my mouth was watering for BBQ chicken), I found a recipe for enchilada sauce on Fortunately, we had everything we needed for that recipe, … Read more

My Favorite Apple Crisp Recipe

Over the years, I’ve posted quite a few different apple crisp recipes. Easy Apple Crisp Crunchy Apple Crisp (the first recipe) Quick Apple Crisp (the second recipe) Grace’s Apple Crisp I always have to dig through all of them in order to find this particular one. It’s by far my favorite, coming out perfectly every single time we make it. I’ve completely stopped using my other recipes; this one is just too good. I’ve made this crisp with pears, with peaches, and with apples. It’s always perfect and delicious. If I hadn’t missed cherry season this year, I would have … Read more

How to Make Watermelon Jam

How to make DIY homemade watermelon jam with pectin - This simple and easy recipe uses sugar and pectin to cook the best watermelon jam you've ever eaten!

Since I learned to make jam several years ago, I have always wanted to make watermelon jam. I’ve never eaten watermelon jam, mind you, but I have had a twenty-five year love affair with watermelon-flavored Bubblicious (bubble gum), and so I have been thinking that watermelon jam would be simply delightful. I’m going to give away the ending of my story and say that watermelon jam is simply delightful. It has all of the flavor of my beloved gum, and it doesn’t irritate my TMJ. There were no instructions for watermelon jam in the box of pectin, so we made … Read more