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Bedtime Snacks featuring Yoplait’s Gogurt and a Giveaway

Grace's bedtime snack

Most of the time, we eat an early dinner. It could be any time between 4 pm and 5:30 pm, but we eat early and then play or read. Around 7 pm, Grace starts getting ready for bed. She watches a half hour tv show (often Max & Ruby or The Wonder Pets), changes her clothes, and then goes upstairs with Joe. Together, they read a book (or four), talk to the Lord, and then she goes to sleep. For a while, Grace would complain – after she’d gotten into bed – that she was hungry. She couldn’t possibly go … Read more

Wormy Apple Snack

Wormy Apple Snack

Would your kids like to eat a wormy apple snack at the end of the school day or before bed? Grace did, and it was simple to prepare!