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Washi Tape Heart Suncatchers – Easy 10 Minute Craft for Kids

Easy DIY heart suncatchers using washi tape - These sun catchers are great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, or even older kids, teens, and adults because they are so simple to make. Great craft for Valentines Day because of the heart shapes but could easily be made into any shape for any holiday. Awesome ideas for home or for school. Fun rainbow heart projects!

I love washi tape. As you will see below, I have many, many rolls of it in a rainbow of colors and all the patterns you could imagine. I usually pick up at least one new tube of tapes every time I’m in the craft store. I keep it all in a cardboard box (with the Amazon smile on the side), and it makes me smile every time I see it. My box o’ washi tape inspired this craft. I was looking at it one day, thinking about what I could do with all the pretty colors and patterns, and … Read more

Free Printable Valentines Coupon Book for Kids

Free printable Valentines Coupon Book for Kids - Children will love when mom prints these adorable coupons for them! Cute ideas to show them how much you love them. Make great gifts for a DIY Valentines Day.

Homemade coupon books can be iffy, you know? Sometimes they’re really great, but sometimes they’re pretty lame. With that in mind, I made up these super cute books last year for my own girls, and they LOVED them. Both girls rationed out their coupons, making them last the whole year long. They planned and schemed about when they would use their “special date with Mom” and “special date with Dad” coupons, and what we would do on those dates. They worked together to stay up late and enjoy their pizza dinners. Making these Valentine coupon books was simple, as you … Read more

40+ Best Valentines Gift Ideas for Your Wife

These simple and easy Valentines Day gifts for her are perfect for a girlfriend or wife. Women love these interesting and unique gifts! Covers everything from creative to funny, sexy and naughty.

Friend, do you have trouble knowing what to ask for on holidays? I certainly do. For a change, I did know what I wanted for Christmas. I wanted a replica of the Joe Paterno statue that stood on the Penn State campus for many years. I sent Joe the link to the statue and told him that I would like to get it for Christmas. And then, a couple of weeks later, I realized that we would be on our big Disney cruise just two weeks before Christmas and I was hoping to get some new charms for my Pandora … Read more

27+ Best Valentines Gift Ideas for Your Handsome Husband

These simple and easy Valentines Day gifts for him are perfect for a boyfriend or husband. Men love these interesting and unique gifts! Covers everything from creative to funny, sexy and naughty.

  Am I the only wife who never knows what to buy her husband for holidays? Seriously. He never spends any money on himself, but he also downplays his needs and wants, making it virtually impossible to come up with a great gift for him. In the past, I’ve often gotten him Penn State stuff, even for Christmas this year (a Penn State knit hat) but I try not to go overboard with that since he already has virtually every Penn State item available in today’s marketplace. So this year for Valentine’s Day, I made a list – a big … Read more

Valentine’s Day Heart Animal Crafts for Kids

We are snowed in. Last Friday night and Saturday, we got nearly 40″ of snow which has never happened before in the history of record keeping in the Harrisburg area. By Saturday afternoon, the girls had played outside (that’s too much snow to really do anything in) and played games and made meals and played with all their toys, and they were all ready for something else. So I had the brilliant idea to do some heart crafts, partly just to have fun and partly to share with you here. The girls were into this for all of fifteen minutes … Read more

How to Make Colored Salt Dough

My kids love to play with dough. They don’t care if it’s commercial Play-Doh or homemade play dough or salt dough or flour dough or cloud dough or something else. They just love dough. I wanted to make them a different kind of dough since we make salt/flour dough all the time. (I’ve seen this recipe called Salt Dough and seen it called Flour Dough in different places, but I’m going to call it salt dough for the sake of this blog post.) I decided the different element would be color. Coloring salt dough is a tricky proposition (at least, … Read more