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18 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Traditions to Start with Your Kids

St. Patrick's Day Traditions for Kids and Families - These 18+ simple and easy ideas will help you have a fun St Patricks Day with any kids, from toddlers and preschoolers up to elementary, tweens, even teens! Includes ideas for activities, crafts, and green foods.

My kids have always loved St. Patrick’s Day. It all started 9 years ago when my mom stole into our house in secret to make messes and leave little green treats while we were at story hour at the library. She did that every year for quite a while, often culminating in a green donut and Shamrock shake. The year she was dying from pancreatic cancer, she fell in the garage trying to make it happen. It was that important to her.  Even though my mom is gone (and has been for almost five years), we still carry on the … Read more

How to Celebrate a Christian Passover Meal for Preschoolers

How to Host A Christian Passover Seder Meal with Preschoolers

On the Thursday before Easter, Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples. They broke bread and drank wine, a gesture that we now commemorate in communion. But that Passover meal, what was that about? Last year, I wanted to start a tradition with my kids that we would observe Passover, share a meal with friends that would celebrate (in a somber way) the Last Supper and prepare our hearts for the holiest of holy holidays while the Easter bunny loomed in the background. It was a wild success. First, the food was ah-maz-ing. Amazing. It was so good. Second, the … Read more

8 Christmas Eve Traditions to Start This Year

Things to do on Christmas Eve

Tradition says that everyone puts out cookies and milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Do you? We have a Cookies for Santa plate and a Carrots for the Reindeer plate, but we don’t usually remember to put them out. Sacrilege, right?! We just forget because we have other fun things going on. So many, in fact, that you may need to start on December 22 to get them all in. 8 Christmas Eve Traditions to Start This Year Wear new pajamas. Joe and I started a new tradition when Grace was born. She got fresh new pajamas and a gift … Read more

How to Make Marizpan Piggies for Good Luck

I created an elaborate New Year’s Eve experience for my kids, and they loved it. I had planned to do one fun thing every hour, and at midnight (which was really 9pm), we’d do some more special things. We didn’t get through the last third of the fun things because I didn’t want to speed them through the fun things. I wanted them to relax, have fun, and savor the things. One of the things I wanted to do (that we didn’t get to) was to make marzipan pigs, as they are a symbol of good luck in Germany. (Read all about … Read more

Thanksgiving Your Way: Recipes, Traditions, Decorating, & More

I have some exciting news to share! A few weeks ago, the wonderful Mandi Ehman, founder of Life… Your Way, asked if she could use one of my recipes in her Thanksgiving Your Way e-book. I was honored because I adore her blogs. It’s really hard for me to feature just one of her posts in Things to Write Home About each week. I was honored, then I read the e-book. Oh my goodness. This e-book is a compilation of the works of 15 different bloggers – Shaina, Jen, Aimee, Crystal, Tara, Myra, Katie, Amy, my dear friend Allie, ME, … Read more


I have a cousin I don’t see very often.

She’s a few years older than I am, and we grew up miles and miles apart. We’ve never been all that close.

It’s a real shame because every time we sit down and visit, I think she should be my new best friend.