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Homemade Hot & Spicy BBQ Spice Rub

The best homemade hot & spicy BBQ recipe for pulled pork, ribs, roast, chicken, or other cuts of meat. Simple and easy recipe that's great for gifts and stores well. Could be used for any meat. Includes brown sugar.

This spice rub is so good because it’s so rich and flavorful. It is spicy, as the name states, but the heat isn’t overpowering as the recipe is written. What makes this rub so amazing is the variety of flavors that blend together; there’s no way around having a long list of ingredients. If you leave something out, you will miss it in the finished product, all except for the cayenne which is what makes this rub spicy. If you are feeding children or just don’t like much spice, you can leave it out or use much less than what … Read more

Flan (Also Known as Crème Caramel)


There is one dessert that I can almost never pass by. Actually, now that I write that out, there are a few I can’t pass by. Peanut butter pie. Flan or crème caramel. Cheesecake. If all three on on a dessert menu, I am really stuck. Anyway. I joined a group called The Secret Recipe Club after my friend Mary Tweeted something about it. The idea is that you are assigned a food blog every month and you make a recipe from it. We really like to try new recipes and new foods, so I signed up. This month, I … Read more

Carrot Cake Pancakes

How to make the best carrot cake pancakes - This simple and easy recipe is also super healthy! Can be made for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Brown sugar and cinnamon make them a little sweet and very tasty, a hit with kids and adults.

I like pancakes. I have eaten them almost every week since I found the secret to great pancakes. I just love them. I really love pancakes when they’re smeared with a bit of peanut butter or with cream cheese and homemade jam. And with maple syrup, of course. Pancakes are perfect for hiding fruits and vegetables. I like to chop up apples or fresh peaches and put them in the batter. I like to put crushed pineapple in sometimes, or even chocolate chips. Nuts are always nice, too. My friend, Allie, gave me her recipe for pumpkin pie pancakes, and … Read more

Garden Lasagna Recipe

When I was a freshman in college, the cafeteria in the student union building served the most magnificent garden lasagna. The cafeteria was shut down during a renovation of the building, and it reopened as a fast food taco place. Or something. I don’t exactly remember. The point is that I love vegetable lasagna. I don’t care what you call it; I love lasagna with vegetables stuck into the layers. Depending on what veggies I have on hand, I may substitute different kinds of vegetables for the carrots or squash. In my personal opinion, the more veggies, the better! Print … Read more