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Healthy Onion Dip

This healthy Greek yogurt onion dip is great for veggies, snacks, and chips. You're going to love it with dinners too! Vegetarian recipe.

I originally published this healthy onion dip for dipping with fried pierogies, but I have since enjoyed it with veggies as well. Joe likes it with chips. I have been digging through the archives of my little old blog (all 2,000 posts) over the last couple of weeks, and I found a bunch of recipes buried in old posts. I have been typing them up in my new recipe format this weekend, so that’s why they’ve all published at the same time. Print Recipe Healthy Onion Dip Course Condiment Servings Ingredients 16 oz Greek yogurt1/2 cup white onion finely chopped1 … Read more

Italian Meatballs with Golden Mushroom Sauce

My dear sweet friend Robyn made a comment on one of my recent posts that she has trouble with nausea whenever she doesn’t chew her food well enough. This got me to thinking about all of the trouble I’ve been having with eating – constant nausea after almost every meal – and I wondered if inadequate chewing was my issue. So I tried chewing everything way more than I thought was necessary. Guess what! The nausea stopped! Chewing really was my issue, not my new stomach hating food. Now that I have figured that out, my food choices have expanded … Read more

Easy Swiss Cheese Chicken Recipe

Easy Swiss Cheese Chicken Recipe

I spent more than ten years as a vegetarian. During that time, I learned quite a bit about common agricultural practices, and I was not thrilled. Pigs unable to lie down in their stalls, chickens stacked 5 cages high, animals that never see sunshine or grass. I can’t support that. I’ll eat meat, but I don’t want to eat that meat. A couple years ago, we discovered a local family who raises chickens and sells their extra eggs. We were giddy to find them; they even gave us a tour of the animals, enclosures, and feeding methods. We left knowing exactly how … Read more

The Best Broccoli Salad Recipe

The Best Broccoli Salad You'll Ever Eat

I love broccoli. I love it raw, baked, drenched in cheese, and splashed with balsamic vinegar. I’ve never met a broccoli dish I didn’t like. When Joe and I were thinking about adding a vegetable dish to our beloved Thanksgiving feast, we both thought of broccoli, but neither of us had a recipe in mind. Suddenly, it was the night before our feast, and we still hadn’t decided on a recipe. I took matters into my own hands. I was glad to have a couple of bags of Beneforté® broccoli. It’s washed, cut in bite-sized pieces, and ready to use, so … Read more