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7 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Share (Including a Book List)

Ways to encourage kids to share without pressuring them - These suggestions are great for teachers or parents who want to reinforce sharing at home or at school. Includes a picture book list for kids to read or for adults to read to them. Activities for children and adults.

When Grace was little, she liked to watch a tv show called Olivia. Olivia was a little pig who lived with her mother, father, baby brother, and little bother brother. Both the mom and dad worked, but the mom worked from a home office. Olivia was precocious and witty and clever. I liked her, and I liked that Grace liked her. So there was an episode of Olivia once where the mom forced Olivia to share everything she had with her little brother. There were crayons and toys and other things which I have since forgotten. Olivia was frustrated at … Read more