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12 Bible Verses to Overcome Anger & Resentment

12 Bible verses to overcome anger and resentment - The words and truths of the Lord God and Jesus Christ from scripture will comfort your heart when you are angry and resentful, bringing faith, hope, and strength into your spirit. Everyone experiences anger and resentment in life and these Bible verses will help you to heal.

About a week ago, I received an email from a reader. She saw my post on overcoming disappointment, and she asked if I could help her. She is suffering in an unbearably unjust situation, and she is angry and resentful at the person causing it.

I can’t share her whole story, but the details are unimportant. Your anger and resentment are as real and honest and justified as hers are. They’re understandable.

And she’s looking for answers, just like you are.

I prayed about this woman and her family, and I prayed for you. I prayed that God would give me the words to help both of you.

My therapist says that anger is always masking a more vulnerable emotion. I think it’s helpful to look at that more vulnerable emotion and to deal with that, but you can come back to that later. For now, let’s just talk about the anger and resentment you’re feeling.

12 Bible Verses & 5 Steps to Overcoming Anger and Resentment

Concrete steps make sense to me. Give me a numbered list, and I’m a happy camper. So I created a numbered list for you.

Following the steps isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. The steps are where the real work lies. I am praying that you are challenged by these steps, and that you find a way to get through them all.

  1. Control your temper. (Let’s start right away with the hard stuff!)

When people mistreat us and there’s nothing we can do about it, we get angry. It isn’t fair. Parents see it in their young children who are constantly on the lookout to make sure everything is fair.

The gut reaction to get angry in the face of unfairness never really goes away. God’s Word says that we are to control our tempers, even in the face of unfairness.

Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs. -Proverbs 19:11

Earn respect. What if the respect of men isn’t what you’re after?

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires. -James 1:19-20

The righteousness God desires. Ouch. We may be able to brush off the respect of men, but the righteousness of God doesn’t go away so easily.

Do to others as you would like them to do to you. -Luke 6:31

When we overlook wrongs, we treat others the way we want to be treated. But what if the wrong is something really big? What if we can’t just get over it?

We still have choices. If the wrong is something monumental – abuse, neglect, criminal – then DO SOMETHING. Don’t just get angry, but take action. Enlist the help of someone who can stop it.

The reader who wrote to me has endured her situation for five months. Certainly, she has been slow to anger. But now, she is angry.

What next?

2. Don’t let your anger control you. God recognizes that sometimes, we do get angry. Often, we need to get angry to remedy a situation or to spur us on to action.

Don’t sin by letting anger control you. Think about it overnight and remain silent. -Psalm 4:4

He is saying to think about your situation, and see if it merits getting angry.

Are you saying something like, “YES! It does! I have a right to be angry. Is that wrong?”

Being angry isn’t a sin, but being controlled by anger is a sin.

And don’t sin by letting anger control you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil. -Ephesians 4:26-27

So you’re angry. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry. Find a way to work out the anger, pray through the anger, move past the anger before you give the devil an in-road to your psyche.

Need a pick-me-up? Go do something kind for someone. Volunteer your time. Do good, forgetting about the person who’s made you angry for a while.

Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper – it only leads to harm. -Psalm 37:8

All scriptures are God-breathed, right? Every word is true. So what of this? Stop being angry?! How do you just stop?

3. You pray. Pray for yourself. Pray for the person who is making you angry. Pray for the situation. Pray that your heart will be softened and you’ll forgive.

People can’t change people. Only God can change people.

Right now, you need to be changed, and the person who’s hurt you needs to be changed. Give yourself permission to just focus on you for now. Ask God to change you and get rid of your anger despite the rotten situation you’re in.

But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth.

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. -Colossians 3:8, 12-13

You are holy and beloved, my friend. You are, and you deserve better than what this anger and resentment are doing to you.

4. Forgive. I said these steps weren’t going to be easy. Pray that you can forgive the person who’s making you angry. Pray it every day, every hour, every minute if you have to.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior. Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. -Ephesians 4:31-32

It’s the Golden Rule again. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat the person who’s made you angry with the same tenderhearted kindness that you treat your kids with.

I heard once that holding unforgiveness in your heart is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Unforgiveness is toxic to your soul. It affects every part of your life, and it manifests in sickness, in tension, and in anger.

Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven. -Luke 6:37

We are required to forgive as the Father has forgiven us. It is not optional – and it does not come easily.

5. Love. Forgiveness is one thing, but loving is another thing entirely. Loving your enemy – the very person who’s hurt you – is also required by scripture.

Not suggested, required.

The very thought makes me feel sick for you.

You don’t want to act in a loving way towards the person who’s hurt you. Not at all.

That’s where prayer comes in again. Pray that you’ll have compassion and kindness for that person. (And keep praying it until it happens.)

Love your enemies! Do good to them. Lend to them without expecting to be repaid. Then your reward from heaven will be very great, and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High, for he is kind to those who are unthankful and wicked. -Luke 6:35

This passage goes on to say that even sinners are kind to those who love them, but it takes something special to be kind to an enemy.

You see, we don’t get to have vengeance. It’s not ours; it’s God’s alone. We are called to love God and love one another, the end.

Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable. Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God.

For the Scriptures say,
“I will take revenge;
I will pay them back,”
says the Lord.

Instead, If your enemies are hungry, feed them.
If they are thirsty, give them something to drink.
In doing this, you will heap
burning coals of shame on their heads.

Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good. -Romans 12:17-21

You see, Jesus didn’t just die for you, my righteous friend. He died for the person who’s hurt you, too. He loves both of you the same. It doesn’t seem fair (there’s a parable about that), but it is so.

Jesus died for both of you because you’re both sinners.

Different stories, different sins, same black marks.

For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him. Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. -1 Thessalonians 5:9-11

Download these Bible verses on anger and resentment in a convenient black and white printable below. You can work on memorizing and meditating on them, one at a time.

If you need help with a system for memorizing verses, check out this post on our family’s memorization habit.

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146 thoughts on “12 Bible Verses to Overcome Anger & Resentment”

  1. wow. Thank you so much. Wow I never thought God would give me my answer on Pinterest.. Truly words of wisdom. A friend and I had a falling out a long while back.. I prayed that one day I would run into her and reconcile. This situation was clearly not my fault I took the blame and apologized because it was the right thing as a Christian to as you clearly stated in above scriptures. Well we have been having a struggle because she points out all my mistakes to any and everyone and she knows it annoys me and she passes it off as a joke.. After a year or so I just let it go trying to do the Christian thing till we had incident at Christmas and she put me down again in front of her husband and my daughter and I tried to explain but she kept on and no matter what I said it made me look like the bad guy. The next day I told her to stop pointing out all my mistakes because it really was getting me angry and every time we get together I leave and have to repent all the way home.. Well she kept on and lashed out at her twice and she got mad and walked out.. I felt a load had been taken off my shoulders. However I felt bad and did text here and apologized again an ask her to forgive me again. She did and we are still texting and talking. My question is I really don’t want to spend any time quilting with her but I want to stay intouch because I really care about her we have been friends for so it ok not to be friends with some one and not want to be around them. I am so happy I don’t have to be around her but I’m afraid she is going to want to get together again and I don’t want to hurt her fillings but my heart can’t take anymore.. Please help..

    • I believe you can be friends with someone from a distance.. It’s called letting go and letting GOD handle that.. It’s not worth your sanity to be around her and she keeps pressing your buttons.. Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light.. She’s too heavy to be on your back so leave it be.. And recognize that friends grow apart and maybe her season is up!

      • Thank you. I am relearning what you have said. I had that figured out but life handed me health issues and loss after loss that l just kept hanging on and reacting to every one and anything. My life basically wasn’t good friendships and family also social. Only good when l put out for others and faked myself only to be untrue to myself again by letting the world see me as strong and giving then inside l was mad at everything and day to day living in real hell and now l have cancer and yet l am getting along l don’t care about dying but l care about not letting go of the heavy load of day to day anger and not being true in my life to myself. There is a season and l believe my season of carrying this familiar pride and resentments is to heavy anymore even if it helped me survive all my life but now it’s not. I am scared of vulnerability it doesn’t seem comfortable but more like l could be used by others again and destroy what little life l have left. Thank you for reminding me l don’t carry the load even though l have all my life.

        • Thank you for this. I have had some really unfair encounters in the work place at previous jobs. It crazy cause I have a great job now with great people yet I still feel such anger and bitterness and hatred toward those I used to work with. My thoughts are consumed with hatred for those who mistreated me.

          My prayer today is that I can let this go and feel compassion for those who treated me so badly and that I can appreciate my new life

      • Thank You for your comment. I know you are right and I know better but I let anger rule. It was so much back to back . I woke up this morning and it came to me “the world did not give it to me and I am not going to let people in this world take it away” in the Mighty Name of Jesus Amen.

    • God wants us to forgive our transgresses, why? so we can teach them the way to the Lord Jesus so that it can go well with us. But, Jesus teaches us in his word that we must flee from people who make us feel uneasy.

        • If they won’t receive you (and therefore the one that sent you) wipe off the dust from your feet and go to where you are received. Matthew 10:
          11 And whatever town or village you enter, find out who is worthy in it and stay there until you depart. 12 As you enter the house, greet it. 13 And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it, but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. 14 And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town.

    • Victoria
      Good morning. It appears to me that you are the only friend in the above relationship. God requires us to forgive not to remain in a relationship where we are constantly being put down. That’s abuse. If your so called friend is upsetting you on purpose and putting you down, you need to face the facts, you two are NOT friends! Move on and enjoy the peace of God!

    • There is NOTHING in Scripture that says you should be friends with someone who makes you mad, hurt, etc. Quite the opposite: we are commanded in several places in the Bible to keep our close associations with godly people.

      Do NOT misunderstand: forgiveness and closely associating with people are NOT related. I have truly forgiven my ex gf who did me wrong, and it’s been liberating! But being around her wouldn’t be good for my heart, soul, or walk because of behavior like your friend has. You wouldn’t ask a reformed alcoholic who’s been sober for 10 years to walk into a bar, right?

      My advice, based on my reading of Scripture: forgive deeply…and minimize (or eliminate) contact with your friend. Brothers and sisters in Christ are to build each other up in God’s Word, NOT tear each other down!

      Good luck, and God bless!

    • Wow I was sitting here tonight secondingredients guessing who I was cause I just let anger get the best of me. And when I let it go into started asking myself who are you. Cause I’m not that anger person I’m a child of God. So I prayed to ask got to remove it from me. And give me my tender heart back. I feel really bad I let it get the best of me it made me question myself. Like who is this person it was scary.


    • I am a believer that everything is seasonal. When God is taking you to a higher place, he says that because of where I am taking you, everyone can’t go with you. I’m taking you to a higher level in me and this particular friend/person cannot go. When I take you up I need your eyes to be focused on me. When he takes us higher he doesn’t want us to be hindered by our surroundings. My friend and I fell out and I was very hurt by the situation, because she was my bestfriend, kind of like a sister to me. But, as time went on I began to understand why our relationship ended. God was taking me higher and she just couldn’t go with me. Some people are not ready to go where God is taking you. I forgave her for what she had done and I moved on. When God shows you who people really are and once he closes that door its up to you. I believe that every friendship that has ended does not have to be rekindled. People fail to realize how much better their doing without that person. Holding on causes more damage, then letting go. When you let go of someone who isn’t good for you, you let go of hurt, anger, disappointment, stress and etc. After you let that person go you grab hold of peace, joy, happiness, and etc. So every friendship that has ended does not need to be rekindled, LET IT GO!!

  2. Your post sounds exactly like what my sister has been doing to me. She has been rude and hateful but I think that may be a sign of something much more wicked going on around her, in her life. I too am finding it difficult to “forgive an forget” … as I want to lash out … but the Holy Spirit keeps SHOUTING at me – HARBOR NO ILL WILL. Sometimes you just have to say I forgive you … and move on. Let it go … or like Taylor Swift says … “shake it off”. I’m going to TRY … and if your friend tries getting back together to do things I would simply state that while I treasured our friendship and I will always keep you in my prayers I must gracefully decline to (have lunch … go to a movie … etc.)

  3. Thank you, I’m going through a messy divorce. Our marriage had issues but my husband took it 3 steps too far. He had many female friends that he would talk to for at least 2 years ( supposedly no affairs) and in August of 2014 found out he actually had an affair with his childhood’s friends ex wife… I tried to work on my problems that he had with me… But he never choose to work on himself. His story never added up… So I never felt like I could let things die…Six months later I received more information from the lady he had an affair with and he told me a few things that happend. I have been overwhelmed by hurt, grief, embarrassment, betrayal and just plain exhausted. From day one he has blamed the affair on me and he has also blamed me for his running to become friends with the opposite sex. I filed for divorce and I’m ready to leave him behind. This post has helped me see that I need to forgive him… Even if he has never been sorry for any of his actions. I must forgive and let my anger go to be healthy and move on… I believe God will be proud of me. I want God to work on my husbands heart and open his eyes to what he has done to our family. It is over for us as a married couple but I would still like an honest “I’m Sorry”

    • OMG I am a man who is utterly filled with hate and anger towards my wife who is exactly like your husband. Please tell me how in the heck you can just let go of it. The Divorce is right around the corner and I don’t like the things I hear because of the hate, that I am somehow emotional or unable to cope. Its like someone killing a family member you love and just saying ok sure no problem I forgive you!! Seriously!!!!!

    • Oh i am also proud of you. So many people including me is dealing with a volcano of pain caused by the attitude of others.well I know for sure that God can step into that trouble heart and bring peace. It is God that will do it. It is so easy to say to peple forgive but the victims just don’t seem to have the strength. Prayer comes in at this moment. Only the holy spirit can grant the grace and then we ask for that grace.

  4. I have a good friend who cares so much for me but I a always rude harsh, condemning and judging him, everything that he tried to do is never enough, I am never satisfied but I know deep I my heart that he is the best thing hat ever happen to me. all this is because I am coming from an abuse relationship, I was transform there, good girl gone bad. everyone pointed me as a bad friend when he is just try to help me to let go of the past, to heal me,he prays for me to let go. Every evil that I am doing to him is what they have been doing to from my father to the father of my child, I really want to be better, to stop poisoning my heart and brain with anger, I pray God transforms me, give me a new Spirit, a new mind, a new heart, I know I can be better.

    • May God Gertrude….to have to deal with that. Why not direct the anger at those who deserve it….your father & the father if yiyr chikd? Instead of to this dear friend you have!

    • Ok.all.of you, listen to this. Was Jesus patient & calm in.the Temple Courtyard when he made a whip & overturned tables & told the traders to stop making the Trmple a marketplace?

      No, he was not calm & patient & gentle. He was ANGRY & He REBUKED them. There is a place for REBUKING.people who have done wrong. You are all entitled to do that. Call a spade a spade,.just like Jesus did.

      Jesus demonstrated that anger is not wrong but that it can be justified in certain circumstances. Yes, He appears to have used violence – to overturn the tables. He is showing us that it’s not wrong to be angry, isn’t He?

      You are all entitled to rebuke those who have hurt you & to tell them exactly what they have done that was wrong. Entitled. Then forgive, forget & if need be, forget the person, move on, minimise contact so you don’t get hurt anymore.

      You WILL get hurt if you’re a DOORMAT & don’t rebuke them. Rebuke them & show strength & dignity.

      Vengeance is left to God Himself but you are entitled to rebuke.

    • Gertrude,
      Jesus always walks with us, that is for sure. Sometimes He is with us through Godly friends. If you look at your friend as a God sent to help you through this difficult time, you will be able to be kinder to him. Another thing to remember is that the devil took up territory in your heart and he will not give it up without a fight. There is great power when two people are of like mind on a prayer goal. The last thing the devil wants is for you and your friend to pray a prayer in agreement. Instead, he hopes to discourage your friend from praying for you. Thank God for sending a tangible presence through which He (Jesus) can walk with you. Remember greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world. Victory is yours!

  5. I had to read your post at least twice and perhaps several more times to really have it sink in. I received this link as a message this morning as I drove to work in tears from someone I see as an angel God placed in my life when I needed him most. After a really bad falling out with my ex, father of my children, I placed myself and my two children in a bad situation. I exposed them to see the real monster I had been dealing with and stopped trying to make excuses for their father. I placed the call on speaker for them to hear how he is with me and how he treated me. At that moment I stopped covering for him and making up excuses and they got to hear him. I felt so guilty and full of regret for doing so and cried the whole way to work. I felt I had disappointed them and started off their day by ruining it. I called the school counselor to check on them and haven’t been at ease all day.

    What I did realize was that it all has to start and end with me. Regardless of how ugly he is with me – adult matters should be exactly that, adult matters. I carry so much pain everyday and internalize it so deep in my heart for no one to see or feel. I cope by crying when no one is around and releasing all my emotions on a piece of paper only to burn for no one to find.

    I read all the comments above and related to each and every one of them in some way and I hope that this may also help someone in silence. I am learning to give it to God and just find prayer to be my therapist. I am a work in progress and I am far from complete.

  6. BI am praying as I write this that SOMEONE FILLED THE HOLY GHOST will respond to this post. My mom is going through an HORRENDOUS NIGHTMARE in her physical and Spiritual being, and I am her primary caregiver. SOMETIMES my older brother & sister help, but mostly, it is me. She’s near the point where my help isn’t going to be enough anymore, yet all my family seems to want is Mom in a home and me far away from them (Mom and I live together and if she goes away to a home, I’ll be outdoors, I fear, as my kin have already decided that they do not want my saved lifestyle interfering/clashing with their unsaved lifestyle). Oh sure, they broken this news “out of concern”, so they said, for me, but I know what they all meant: we don’t want you and your holiness hanging around if Mom has to go away, making us guilty for what we do/how we’re living.
    In short, I am angry with my family, my mom, and—it SCARES me to even think it–maybe a LITTLE BIT with God. Please, PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND–I REALLY NEED TO HEAR FROM THE BODY OF CHRIST ON THIS MATTER. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MY MOM.

    • Hi Mike.

      Sorry to hear about your trials. Thst involves persecution. I recently heard a similar story of a person whose family and friends abandoned her when she became a Christian. She was provided for, I.e., given somewhere to live and now her family are following her into the faith, one by one and praying for each other.There is a promise which says that whatever you lose for the sake of the gospel, you will be rewarded with many times over. I’m sure you may have seen it or you can find it if you Google it. God is in control. He will take care of you. Pls keep looking to Him.

    • As with a stranger forgive, forgiveness is more powerful then most people can imagine.
      I’ve been visiting my mother, she has an apartment attached to the side of my brothers house.
      My brother and sister are having a problem with one another. Each one wants me to hear their side.
      All I want to do is visit my mother and brother peacefully, the same as when I visit my sister.
      I’ve asked them not to get me involved with their issues and have felt misdirected anger towards me.
      It hurts my heart they can’t love one another and forgive. I’ve felt offended by how, I’ve been treated while on this visit. I feel I can’t get a word in edge wise and when I do, that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I consider myself thoughtful, kind, understanding, generous with my time and practice this in my day to day living to the best of my ability. I walk away or say I don’t want to argue and then raised voices and criticism are directed at me. I’m afraid to do or say anything while staying here because I feel I’m being attacked verbally or what I have to say isn’t important. I was up all night asking GOD to help me with my heart and to forgive. I walked into the kitchen he shares with my mother and greeted him in the morning, then he greeted me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk to him about the elephant in the room because, I’m always wrong or I should do it his way. If I try to help him understand what I m feeling, I’m shut down …so I’ve been biting my tongue for my mother who will be 90 this year.
      We had a nice day and as evening came, another incident occurred, that’s what brings me here again, asking for GODS guidance.
      I’ll pray on GODS guidance for us and ask that forgiveness comes with an open Heart…
      ..where GOD LIVES.
      Mother Teresa is known for what’s posted below;

      1. The version found written on the wall in Mother Teresa’s home for children in Calcutta:

      People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

      If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

      If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

      If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

      What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

      If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

      The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

      Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

      In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

      -this version is credited to Mother Teresa

      There’s Peace in Forgiving…
      K.A.K. {¥}*

    • Mike
      I “stumbled” upon this blog today. It was a God send ,and I needed to read it. And, while reading some of the comments, my heart went out to you. I don’t know your current situation today ,but my heart goes out to you. I AM TRULY PRAYING FOR YOU!!

  7. I really needed this. I’ve been going through a situation where I tried to forgive the two people involved that hurt me and it blew up in my face. Thinking back over the whole situation I’ve been angry with these people for going on three years now! I’ve been reading the word consistently for about two months now. But it wasn’t until tonight that I realized, I need to search the word for what God wants to change within ME. Not to figure what is a sin, what I can’t do, but what God wants me to change within myself. I look forward to being so much happier once I read these scriptures and start to crawl out of this hole I’ve been in! Thank you for this article!

  8. My mother-in-law of 25 years has shown favoritism to her daughter Dawn and her three children. It angers me to the core. She has taken Dawn’s three children over 100 weeks. She has fed them, provided free child care, provided vacations and spoiled them. She has taken our 3 daughters zero weeks. Now all three of our children are adults. It’s too late and what is done can not be undone. My own mother died just 19 days after our oldest turned 6 and 15 days before our youngest turned one. Month after month turned into year after year. Now at this place in my life, I can’t stand to be around her or my sister-in-law or her kids. There just doesn’t appear to be any remorse or ownership of wrong doing.
    I understand and know that I need to forgive. But I just can’t seem to move past my anger. I think it’s partly because they keep doing it even though they know what damage they have done. There is no one for me to talk to. My husband is a wonderful man that loves me and our children very much but he defends his mom and sister always. I feel alone, sad and constantly angry. Please pray for me. Thanks.

    • I believe your anger extends from the fact that his mother becomes your mother (like Ruth and Naomi) and since she didn’t step to the plate and help and console you, the spirit of bitterness came through and invited his friend anger and soon resentment.. Please look at this from a different perspective, maybe his mom isn’t the right person to pour into your life or your kids lives.. Maybe GOD blocked her out and harden her heart like HE did to pharoah so it cld elevate you higher.. Time has gone away but if you can uproot those spirits out of your system, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled.. Sadly, the mother in law doesn’t have a whole bunch of living to do and she just might leave this earth bitter towards you.. But you gotta focus on GOD so HE can do great things with you..

    • Pray for them and healing….all things in life can be undone.
      All things are lessons GOD would have us learn.
      Go to your heart, where GOD LIVES, ask him for guidance.
      Resentment never helps GOD, help you..

      Remember love and forgiveness from your heart.

      1 Corinthians 13:1-13 ESV / 128 helpful votes

      If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; …

    • Oh Stephanie….I could have written this word for word. We have the same issues with my in laws. Husband always defends them. I am constantly in a state of feeling like “they are ok, I am not ok”. No one will address it….it is just easier to sweep it under the rug. After 19 years of living like this, I am just not sure if I can “forgive and forget”. Every time I have, something else happens to start the vicious cycle over again. I am truly miserable right now. I just do not know how to deal with it or if I can get past it.

    • I AM going to pray for you. Will you please pray for me? I am Abby. I struggle with anger and bitterness in a similar way as you Do. I have 3 little ones and my mother has never helped my…though she lives 5 miles away. She has always been terribly self centered. I have let years of lonliness and heartache grow into bitterness…and anger. Seeing my friends have loving supportive mothers brings me to tears…but then my anger takes hold…towards my mom, towards my friends etc. I am tired of being bitter. I am going to begin a journey to heal my heart. I will carry an intention of prayer for you heart as well. Is it possible to regain a tender heart? I truly hope so.

      • Abby – I am here tonight reading all the issues people have in their lives as I am wrestling with anger toward my 41 year old son. He is a wonderful young man but is always right. I have given my life to him, I guess to get a thanks Dad. He use to say those words of thanks but his lack of love for his wife has hardened him to life in general as I became hardened toward his mother. I began to look at myself and began asking God to make me find where I am wrong. God completely softened my heart again to my wife and changed our marriage. Tonight I am reading stories about others and asking God to give me the change I need toward the feelings I have developed toward my son. I have experienced that tender heart change through prayer for my wife. God will lead me there with my son and he will do that for you with your mother. So yes it is possible

  9. These articles are a great way for us to pray for each other without ceasing as the word of God says and see him perfect everything that concerns us. May God show his Mercy and Grace to us all! Amen

  10. Thank you so much for this post. This morning I got up and felt unsettled because I kept dwelling on the wrongs that I’ve endured. I prayed and just talked to God about it when He revealed to me that I’d been harbouring bitterness and resentment in my heart and I must let it go. I’ve held on to these ill feelings for years and I know God is saying it’s time for me to let go. Reading this post has opened my eyes to so much and I find peace in knowing that I’m not alone. We will all get through this together.

    • I don’t want this evil mess anymore and feel I lacked power and understanding. I want peace and love with God family self. I want bitterness to stop consuming me. I have not felt power of God in yrs. I want out of flesh and world. I mad many mistakes


    On Monday 11th January, 2016 I gave the MD’s car key to the office driver to warm the car at about 8:30am and I continued with my work that I have to do in the office for that day. At about 2:30pm when I got back at my desk after the stock taking that I went for Susan asked why I didn’t supervise the warming of MD’s car and why I didn’t ask the driver for the car back. I replied her that why should I always remind the driver to bring the key back every time I give him, why do you always blame me for what the driver gets to do wrong and she said I don’t always take corrections. With that I left my desk to look for the driver to collect the key. I was told he is not around so I asked that he should be told to please see me when he is back. I collected the key from him later and kept it back.
    After the close of work that day outside the gate, Susan called me and said ” Never in your life should you repeat what you did today again with me”. At first I didn’t understand what she was talking about. Later when I realize it has to do with the key the driver didn’t return in time I replied her saying ” you too never blame me for the things the driver did wrong”. She faced Henry and said ” Note this, query for her tomorrow”. So I said she should give me query and report me. I left and sent her a message to show how sad I was over the whole issue and I told her that when she reports me, and MD gets mad at me, I will explain all that has been happening in the office to MD.
    The next day she didn’t give me query and work continued like that through out the week without we speaking to each other personally just official. Few days to my birthday I tried joking with her, she smiled a bit but still kept her straight look.
    On the 21st January which happens to be my birthday, after some minutes of being in the office, I asked her if she forgot today is my birthday and she replied saying ” happy birthday Femi, I have so much on my mind and I said ” I believe you forgot because of the things you have on your mind”. She replied and said ” Femi even if you don’t believe me I don’t care and it’s not important”. So I walked up her and said ” Susan please let’s stop this, let’s talk, you have to talk to me and you have to smile and be happy” . She got up immediately and said ” Femi no no no no pleaseeeeee I don’t want to have any discussion with you, just leave me alone”. And I said I won’t leave you, I kept on blocking her way from walking away from there. Her face was so bitter, I kept on forcing it and I got emotional with it all crying and pushing her back. In the process I fell her down. I left her after the gateman came in. When the gateman left she went to the bathroom and I followed her just to see if she will let me talk calmly with her. I tried to lock the door but she kept on saying I should leave her alone and she push me and left the bathroom.
    She reported the matter to Mr. Tim when he got to the office and he scolded me. I later told him to help me beg Susan that am sorry I didn’t mean the whole thing the way it happened; I only wanted to settle things with her but I did it forcefully. I apologized severally to her on my own and She accepted the apology and we all went home that day.
    The next day when I got to the office she sent me a message to say she has reported me to my Guardian/Mother and that she has told her that she believes its spiritual and that she should look for help to pray for me about it. She also said she will report the issue officially to the MD when he returns and I pleaded and said it won’t happen again. She now said she will make it mild. I said it’s okay to let the MD know. In my mind I decided I will report myself to the MD when he returns before Susan tells him but when it was 4:25pm that same day the MD called and said he saw some things that happened on cctv and asked questions about what happened. I told him and every other person spoke to him as well. He said I was wrong and asked that I drop my Identity card and every other office documents that are with me and he suspended me till he gets back and I hear from him.

    I am so worried and scared of the future. By the grace of God I will be getting married this year; I need help, I don’t want live my life being controlled my ANGER…God help me

    • 1. The version found written on the wall in Mother Teresa’s home for children in Calcutta:

      People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

      If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

      If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

      If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

      What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

      If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

      The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

      Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

      In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

      -this version is credited to Mother Teresa


    • Dear friend, you need to get help from the right person. Yes, pray. But also see a health professional. It sounds like you may have a problem that needs qualified support and management.

  12. This post truly helped me get grounded about a situation in which one of my very best friends hurt me today. I don’t have the answers, but I know I need to put that knawing and thudded pain in my chest from being hurt by someone I love to the side, at least for tonight, and sleep on it. I know we will work it out because we have been good friends for 33 years, but for tonight, I need to pray for peace, calmness and perspective.

    Thank you for putting these wise words out there….they make so much sense to me.
    God bless you.

  13. Here’s the situation that I need Godly advice on what to do, say, and feel….For 5 years now I have been wanting a larger camper at our seasonal campground. Right now I have a retro, super mini one that has no bathroom in it, just a full size bed and a place to eat, the sink doesn’t even work because my husband says it’s too difficult to fix..we are both in our mid 50’s.I have to climb over him just to get into the bed, he keeps telling me year after year, year we will get a bigger camper, so every year around this time I look for a camper and find one and he says …No! He won’t spend the money. So this year is no different, except I found the perfect camper, perfect price everything about it I totally loved, only $4000…I told him how much I wanted it, but again he was put off, he never spends any money on anything, even me… so here’s the dilemma. sister in law, whom I love dearly, who has been my spiritual mentor for 25+years, decides this year that her and her hubby, (who is my husband’s brother), want to get a camper and get a seasonal site where I have my camper…we went to go look at the one I had picked out for me and she bought it, so now I have to see her with a nice camper that I wanted so very much and I have to stick with my tiny camper that is from the 50’s and it only fit for 2 people,..I am so angry with my husband and God for not blessing me with my desire…HE promises to give us the desires of our hearts, well He didn’t and He says He rewards those who diligently seek Him…I have been diligently seeking, teaching, sharing the gospel message however and whenever I can, I am ALWAYS putting others first and taking a back seat, and I am just sooooooooooo sad that again, the blessings fall all around me, but never on me….how do I overcome this? Just typing this seems so selfish…but I am humbly coming and asking for prayer and guidance….

    • I understand completely. It is a very human emotion, envy. Everyone who is honest will admit they, too, struggle with resentment over seemingly unfair circumstances.
      I dont have anything to say that you dont already know. Sometimes, situations are simply unjust and it hurts. The only thing I can say is that whike others might give you advice, rebuke or chastise you, the only one who who truly understands your feelings, is Jesus.
      Find some time to be alone and sit at His feet and say all the things you need to. No use hiding anything. He already knows.
      Take your Bible with you. Feel free to do whatever it is you need to. Cry, yell and how unfair it is, how unimportant and insecure this makes you feel. Then, after its all out, be still. He will speak to you exactly what you need to hear. He dearly lives you, and He Sees all.
      This earth is full of injustice. Pled your case before the King of Kings , who happens to be Your Heavenly Father.
      I know you truly feel happy that your sister in law is blessed. You just hurt. You need His Wisdom and comfort. He will answer you in ways no person can. He knows your deeper need. Praying for you!

    • You’re welcome….when all feels lost and without hope, look into your heart where GOD lives….
      You’ll always know what the answer is….

  14. Tara,

    I’m tempted to write that I don’t know how this older post popped up on Google right when I needed it, but we both know God is using your writing in miraculous ways!
    I just want you to know your powerful, thoughtful posts are still helping people even a year later!

    Thank you. And God bless you to keep up the good, healing work.

  15. I have been dealing with anger and hatred for years now and someone took the time to make me understand that God forgives and loves me so why should it be too hard to love my enemies. I am feeling better after I read these scriptures Lord please help me to forgive and love others as you love me.

  16. Thank you for your post.I am so full of anger and the words that come out of my mouth are destroying.
    I fail to let go of the hurt that has been caused to me.

  17. What am I trying to hide? What is the vulnerable problem that I am trying to hide?
    My fiance left me two months ago because he said being with me was hard. I was physically there for him and financially when he couldn’t support himself. I feel used. I basically dried up my savings for him and drove him everywhere because he said public transit makes him anxious. I am angry because he said it was hard being with me when I did my best to make his life easy. We are graduating from college, both 25. I even helped him a lot with school. I took my time out to make sure his essays were perfect. How could he say it was hard? Because I got angry when he told me i should just listen to him? because everytime we fight he said it was my fault? i am so angry. There are days when I pray and I feel like I have forgiven him, but there are moments where I am filled with rage. I know forgiveness is a choice that needs to be made everyday, but I just want to be done with him. Sometimes I think I am angry because I still love him. What should I do? I pray and sometimes I am free from this anger. What is the real problem here?

    • I know I’m a little late in this reply, but I went through similar situations. I have had more than my fair share of poisonous relationships. This is what that sounds like to me. My most recent one didn’t even give me the decency of an explanation… He just halted all communications with me… ( it was a long distance relationship, we knew each other from the past and where good friends before… so I trusted him). He took the cowards way out, and it was extremely cruel of him… Worst of all, I am a single mother, so I wasn’t the only casualty here… my teenage son and my elementary school aged daughter were hurt as well… But I have learned one thing here in relationships… You have to let go, Let God take over and heal your heart. Holding onto that anger will only make you bitter. You can’t keep wondering what YOU did, when clearly you know that you were going above and beyond for him… It sounds very similar to the relationship I had with my kids’ father… I did EVERYTHING…. Work, paid the bills, went to school, cleaned the house, took care of the kids, etc. while he slept and putzed around on the computer… He blamed me for everything… and was abusive to boot. I left when he kicked my son. Now, I’m not saying I am a guru at letting go and letting God take over… I still have trouble with anger and resentment, but now I recognize it for what it truly is… You CANNOT change what others say, think, feel, or do…. You can only change yourself…. Holding onto that anger towards the other person (your ex) won’t make him loose any sleep, it will only make YOU miserable… As for my most recent ex…. (broken up as of late April 2016) Yes, I still think of him… I still love him… but I HIGHLY doubt we would ever get back together again…. mountains would have to be moved…lol. This is a recent breakup for you as well I believe, so give it time… God will heal your heart and bring you the MAN that he wants for you to have .

  18. My daughter is having problems with a female teacher at school. She tries to be nice to her says hello asks if she can help the teacher etc The teacher has it out for my daughter she is very rude and tells her to leave the class every time. My daughter wants to learn not be sent to a library to do homework. My daughter is taking courses for her leadership this is her future desires and wants to help others and be a team leader. This teacher is ruining her values in life. She tells the principal that she is a problem. I know its been a hard 2 years especially this year my daughter trying to help at home with her sister overcoming her fears with court from a drunk driver that injured her and her friend that was killed from the car crash. My daughter has done alot of good things volunteered her time and helped others through this tragedy. I feel that this teacher is being very unfair hurtful and bitter towards my daughter. She cant let things go in the past she wanted my daughter and her friend to write a letter of apology for being rude in class. Which my daughter was rude in every way because teacher gave a few minutes to use a washroom and my daughter was ten minutes and she has a medical condition and the teacher is being unreasonable not letting her go at times. My daughter wrote the letter now the teacher wont let her back in class wants a new letter because it wasnt good enough she said. My daughter is upset and doesnt understand what is wrong with this teacher my mom even wants to meet with this teacher and she is not responding to the parent either. We all feel this teacher has too much resentment and is manifesting so much anger and taking it out on my daughter each day. What should we do? and the principal is not responding either who do we turn to so my daughter can go to class and learn not be rejected and thrown out for no reason. Thankyou a concerned parent

  19. I just was very angry and although I’d like to say something like, ” gosh, this is a terrible thing that just happened” because I blew up, I cannot seem to imagine it helping, what would Jesus do? Not act like this in the first place.

  20. I was feeling a lot of resentment about a situation so I googled ‘prayer for when one is experiencing resentment’. I was rewarded with this article. I’ve read it twice & shared it with a friend. I’ve saved it one of my Pinterest boards because I am positive I will need to study it again and again. God spoke to me through this article and I truly am humbled. And, I now know what I need to do. Thank you sooooo much. May God bless you.

  21. Thank you for writing these words. I am praying scripture over my situation. I cannot change a person, they must be willing to make a chamge. Anger that leads to physical abuse is never good. I’m praying God can change the heart.

  22. Hi,

    I am feeling extremely angry and hurt at the same time towards my Mom. She is 81 years of age and after treating her well and taking care of her most of the time, she now accuses me of stealing her money which I have no knowledge of, was extremely rude and used abusive language and even told me I should not attend her funeral if she dies. How do I live day to day for being falsely accused, and think all is okay

    • Feel so sad for you… your comment was two years ago so by now you probably know that your Mom has dementia. It’s not her fault, and it’s not yours. She is angry with the disease and her own feelings of confusion and helplessness, and expresses that in the form of anger towards you. Focus on the good memories and pray for peace in your Mom’s heart and mind.

  23. This is helpful. praise be to God. I am a very angry person and can get worked up so fast. My anger many a times has led me to be insolent and I viewed my insolence as my defence mechanism whenever I get hurt. I have lost many friends because of my quick to anger personality. I know am a good loving woman who doesnt like hurting people but if a person crosses my path, I get really angry and floodgates od insults is what follows in retaliation. There is this guy we have been trying to build a relationship together. Whenever he doesn’t pick my calls or reply my texts, I get really angry and I only feel better when I rain insults on him. He wrongs me by ignoring and neglecting me yet he knows I love him deeply. whenever I calm down, I realize my mistakes and ask for forgiveness which he always gives. one amazing thing is that he is always calm through my insults and never picks a fight. the other day he said he couldn’t take it any more and said he couldnt be in a relatiomship now coz he is busy. I took it as a polite way of letting me go.This time around I didn’t insult him, I thanked him coz for a long time I felt neglected and ignored. it hurt my emotions coz I couldnt let go when I loved greatly. I went down on my knees, and cried to God to help me pick myself up and move on. Am doing okay so far and I hope God continues to guide me. I came by this article while searching for verses to help me overcome anger and letting go. please intercede for me its a difficult journey but I want to move on and be a better person. I don’t want to hurt the next man in my life. God bleas

  24. Hello
    My name is Andrei Isayeu

    God Almighty wants me to encourage you with this Words of Life:

    If you feel down, lost, broken, depressed, lonely, angry, sad, not satisfied, upset, frustrated and not worth of anything good is because of this:
    You are hurting inside, but God can fix any problem that you are dealing with.
    God Loves you and He proved His Love towards you by giving His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ for punishment, crucifixion, and death, the Good News is that Christ has Risen on the 3rd day after He was buried.

    No matter how many times you failed in your life I want you to know this:
    You are not a failure, but you are a Treasure before God!!!!
    You have a Value and Purpose!!!!

    No matter how many mistakes you made in your life, you are not a mistake, but you are an Instrument that God is able to use to transform lives!!!!

    For more encouragement please visit my website at
    Or watch me on YouTube.
    Thank you!
    I love you with Gods Love Unconditionally!
    I will pray for you!

    Sent from my iPhone

  25. Everything that say here it really helps me because I always angry I feel like it every body fault but read his I need to get on my knee and pray to god because he the only one that can help I love you god

  26. This is helping me see this on here. I’m going through a rough time in my life. A year ago I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. My ex would leave us at home and b gone all weekend along and not come home until he had to go to work. He went to Texas for a business trip and the night before he was suppose to leave to come home he spelt with a woman there. I didn’t know until I seen pictures in his phone. I kinda let that go and one day it hit me, that it was real and not a dream. So we fought and I kicked him out. And every since then he hasn’t came and seen our son, he is with another woman with a child. I have so much hate for him and bringing back God into my life is helping with his hate I have for him. I forgive him for what he had done just I can’t seem to forget how much damage he has done to my son and I

  27. Hi Tara, thank you so much for this inspiring article. At the beginning of the article you mentioned that anger is something that masks a more vulnerable emotion. What is that?

  28. Hi I’m very tormented by anger that sometimes I smoke. I gave it up for almost 3 years now but for the past 3 months have been relapsing. I am a bible college student and I don’t know why I’m letting anger, hurt and frustration get to me. My husband neglects me he hurts me by putting his mother and niece before me. He sees to them. Embarrases me and doesn’t give me enough of love. O don’t know what to do. Please pray for me. I am worried abt my salvation, even has I’m relapsing everytime I get angry. Please please reply

    • I will pray for you and that you may find comfort and love. All we truly need to feel whole and content is God’s love, and if we don’t then we are not looking/praying for it. Ask god in your prayers to fill you with his love and show you his love for you. I hope things get better

    • I am angey, yes, my daughter is constantly finding things wrong with me! I don’t show my anger to jer, but at home , I cry, and wonder what it is I’m doing wrong! I have been a good mother and still am. She is married now and had my first grandson with. Today I will be seeing her and I am very nervous, such is why I am looking for help and wisdom to get thru this day…..i am so sad! I loved her and my grandbaby!

  29. My mom and I fight a lot. Almost 2 years ago I moved out of her house because it got really bad, we clash so terribly and our fights get really ugly. Recently I’ve come back to stay for a little while. We were on good terms because we were not any eachothers way for so long. But it’s the third night here and we are already fighting like we used to. She is unreasonable and she loves to scream and slam doors and throw things when she is angry. There is no winning in an argument once she gets going there is no end and no reason. It’s made me realise how much I hate being around her. I know she is my mother and she has done so much for me but when I think about her screeching at me I feel so much hatred in my heart and it makes my body physically uneasy and I stay upset for hours. I don’t want those feelings I want to feel love and respect for her but I just can’t. The way she acts and handles situations makes me so angry and frustrated. I really just need God to change my heart and make me understanding. Any advice?

  30. Thanks for this article. May the Lord bless and proper you in His will

    Thanks to ALL for your honestly in sharing your experiences, many can learn wisdom.

    But if we walk in the light as He is the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. 1 John 1:7

    I also have struggle with anger and resentment and how how I found this post.

    Thank God
    He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

    God hears your cry for helpe and will help you.There is something about crying out to the Lord. He responds with Love, mercy and compassion. He watches over His word to bring it to pass, read and pray the Word. God knows exactly what in your heart be honest with the Him and trust Him to help you.

    God bless you all and thanks for your obedience in writing this article. May the Lord use it for His glory.

  31. I don’t believe I found this site by accident but I’m so glad I did. Sometimes I tend to think I’m the only one going through trouble (although that is NOT the case at all). Currently I’m involved with a guy I care deeply for. I literally do anything for him and he doesn’t seem to appreciate it or at least ever return the favor. Not that I’m looking for him to do things back but it would be nice to show he cares. I’ve been biting my tongue for months and have been acting out in love despite all the pain he causes me, but I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to think that doing good only bites you in the behind. I treat him better than most but he treats me worse than most. What’s wrong with this picture? Am I the fool? What do I pray for? I’ve been trying to show this guy what God’s love is really like but I’m getting tired. I don’t know how much more I can handle. I build him up while he tears me down.

  32. I looked this up and I want to let you know that I enjoyed reading all of it . I don’t bother no one ,but my enemies continue getting in my personal business . Then they smile in my face whenever I run into them. The wife looks like Satan with red eyes , her husband looks like a dwaft devil with a sneaky grin . I am trying to get to heaven so I don’t have time for their cheap games ,they don’t have the decency to say that they are sorry because they’re not . I forgive them anyway , but I need you to pray for me because I’ve been through pure hell for the past 4 years , because of lies , betrayal, hate , and much more . I don’t want to snap on my enemies.

  33. Really struggling with resentment and anger my husband of five years whos been with me since we were fifteen cheated on me. Hes been the only person who has ever been there for me first and only friend, i feel so alone and worthless. A family member iwast extremly close with is completly siding extremly other woman except not to my face. I just dont know what to do and dont really see a way out.

  34. Good day Tara. I thanked G-d for people like you who’s really helping people like me on dealing angry and resentment. Every word you wrote and every Bible verses you qouted are exactly piercing to my heart making it soft and striking to my mind making it open. This article really help me pause for a moment and made me absorb into my heart what you are talking. I just really need to be humble and be open and do need to pray heartily to be able to apply this in my daily life. Thank you Tara and please continue to do so. You are a blessing.

  35. I am trying to forgive my daughter but she shows no compassion towards me. I have had problems with the law because of her and just can’t forget. She has a son now and I need to control my actions around him…Please pray for our family..Amen

  36. I have been going through a lot for almost 5-6years with my family members. My brother is mentally unwell and when he is discharge from the mental hospital he would come home and ruins the peace of the family because of his conditions and mental state (which I believe can be also spiritual attacks). He would talk, sing and shout non-stops at time and even get all angry and violent towards my family and I. I have been threaten verbally and hit physically when his condition worsen. It was hell for my family and I.

    Beside the constant fear I have to go through when he is back from the hospital, I have to sleep in the same room with my elder sister who is constantly shouting and being extremely rude to me. Many a times I tried to be nice to them but I will always end up getting angry and find myself defeated by angry and stress over and over again. I pray and have cried countless nights when everyones is asleep only to find myself depressed. Through the years, anger has build up so high that I get so angry with the smallest things said or done by my family members. I came to a point where my faith is on the rock and I have very shaken. Getting out of my house during in the day to work it’s such an escape for me.

    After reading your I felt led by the Holy spirit to write down word by word to forgive each and every member of my family. The many comments above have help me understand each of us have our own difficulties in life and when we are weak God’s said we will be strength (we will be strong). I have made a decision of moving out for my own sake as it has affect my work, my sleeps and health living in a toxin environment. It wasn’t an easy decision to be separated from my family and extra incurs of monthly rental especially when I am a fresh grad that just started working not long ago but I have to do that.

    Thank God for leading me and sending the right people to pray for me and encourages me. Thank God for speaking to me through this post. May we find true peace in forgiving those who hate us and hurt us as God have forgiven us.

    May peace and grace be release to each and everyone of you in Jesus name. Amen! 😀

    Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.
    -Romans 12:17-21

  37. I am resentful i went church for many years and tonite. I was told there was valentine party but only for the married. And just said see yoy next week i am alone alot ans read the word each day lam. Healed of colon cancer.
    and 2 heart attacks. brought about from chemo in va hospital it helps tovent this i suppose i wiil begin in some other church where loving the body christ and loving one another as we are is so blantly and ignorently misunerstood. Thankyou for your ministry

  38. Currently dealing with a situation that won’t get resolved over night and know I have hatred building up. I honestly just did a Google search for verses for those feeling betrayed….and this amazing article came up. Very powerful and very much needed to see the “sleep on it” part, as it’s very fresh and tempting to address with evil having a foothold. Thank you for sharing this guidance from the Father! Now, more prayers.

  39. It does not work in the streets and ghettos of New York City. Been a victim all my life from all average people.I will never let go and hold a grudge forever.It is a negative world.

  40. Wow you be surprised we as believers go threw!first I like to thank God for stumbling across this article so divine.#2 thank u for allowing God to use u.& thanx everyone for keeping it real u never know who it will helpwell my story go a little like this I’ve been in this place feeling upset,angry, disappointed!pretty much every negative emotions u could think of.i was suppose go to an outing I was already in an angry state already because I was just at my end wit’s waiting on people who have no consideration for time! my situation being without a car really taken a toll on me now having to ask for help as well Waite for people.jesus help meI’m a very punctual person! In all that I got left didn’t end up going to the outing and blew up my feelings we’re hurt I was ready to rock&roll you give me a time I’m ready before hand.when I blew up it was on my friend who said they were going get me but forgot me!I’ve haven’t talk to her if anything I believe she should reach out to me!she left me! She said she giving me space! Ok AND to top it off there a group people we hang out with we’re all close group like a little family.well since she giving me my space it seem like the whole group is giving me my space! I’m hurt I feel like screw it.i don’t care don’t need none of u!!when I really,really need a shoulder cry on !NO ONE not I’m I only made &angry with the one friend who left me .but I’m angry with her& the group who say we’re family.not ONE of them try reach out to me see how I’m doing NOTHING! !!! just feeling like saying O!!well forget it!! Is it godly?No just pray for me please thank u all

  41. Hi everyone, I’m 15 now and I came across this website while looking for a way to help my aunty. She seems to be really angry with her brother and they haven’t been talking, I think she’s just holding in all her hurt and taking it out on other people. Because of this whole situation, I haven’t seen my uncle’s kids for about 6 months now and I really miss them. Any suggestions on how to help my aunty forgive him and release her anger and hurt??

  42. I have a situation where my parents have been fighting nonstop and I think they are going to soon file in a divorce. I don’t know how I feel because my dad puts me down a lot for being a girl but then there are times when he is actually a loving father and I don’t know whether I love him or not and whether I want them to go through with the divorce or try and live together. What should I do?

  43. I think I really needed this blog today. I needed to be reminded…Pray for those who despite fully use you. (and in my case those who don’t). I think I am the one with anger issues and I am so sad about it. I want to live a consecrated life and yet I struggle against resentment and sometimes irrational anger. We have a homeless person that has lived with us intermittently for 3 years. I told my husband he will need to leave by June of this year. He has had plenty of time to make arrangements and neither my husband or he have done too much of anything to make it happen. The fella is heading for homelessness again. In the mean time my house is a wreck and I assume at every turn that this very disfunctional guy is the one always in the wrong even if it’s me!!! Boy do I have work to do on myself!

  44. A woman of God said to me that I should pray against anger I knew she is saying the truth , so I began to search on internet about prayers for anger although she gave me bible passage to read but I still needed more so immediately i saw this on internet I was very delighted to see this on internet.
    I was in a relationship that lasted over 4 years but later the guy left me and married another person even when he had already proposed to me , in fact during that period I felt like killing him or wished that something bad should happen to him but later I just manage to forget about him and said to myself he is not my husband and I moved on. So after so many years he called me I was very shocked he said to me that he called me to asked for forgiveness and that for more than 10years now the wife cannot conceive not even miscarriage. I replied him that I have forgiven him long time ago, to make him believe that I have forgiven him I asked him for money immediately he gave me.

    Now my question is it wrong to accept money or gift from him?

    • I think you already know the answer: yes, it would be very wrong. This man is married, unless the gift comes from them as a couple at the wife’s suggestion, then you should not take anything. Already you are on dangerous ground by letting him confide in you, a person of the opposite sex, about the very private struggles he and his wife are going through, without including his wife in the conversation. Stop now and pray for forgiveness, and for strength against temptation. If he calls again give him the contact details of a Christian marriage counsellor.

  45. Thank u for this. I have been saved and baptized but this anger for certain people eats at my heart. They treat me hateful and make fun of me. I feel now I can handle this anger now if I really try hard. I love everyone but it seems like because of my past and happy personality that I can be the person everyone loves to put down and make me feel so unworthy. It makes me feel like im empty inside. Reading this and prayer have helped the emptiness inside me turn into forgiveness. Thank u

  46. What a blessing this post is! Any of you reading this right now put your right hand on your heart and ask God to heal your heart this very moment. His love is so great and when you give your life to Him with all your burdens and tribulations, ask Him to guide you every moment you wake up in the morning. When you open your heart to Jesus, all this anger will begin to melt away as you continue to let Him take over.

  47. I have been lashing out at my mom & also my co-workers. Pretty much anyone that annoys me. I know as a christian that is the wrong thing to do. Not quite sure where the anger is coming from exactly. I think it’s mainly from disappointment in myself. I just came out of a 2+ year relationship with a guy who used me for money. He never had and always begged me and like a dummy because I was in love I gave it to him. That is just one of my disappointments. I just want the anger to go away so that I don’t lose my job and so that I can be pleasing to GOD. I know that I am a good person with a good heart who will basically do anything for anyone. I just want to change because I’m so tired of feeling down, hurt, and angry all the time. I stumbled upon this blog and I am grateful I did because I wrote down every bible verse and will surely be reading them all to see if it can transform my mind. I’m emotionally drained. Please pray for me because I’M TIRED…..

  48. I live with an abusive roommate who use to be a friend. I lashed out at everyone because I was hurt and angry about the abuse. Thank you for this article. It has truly helped me see that I am responsible for my anger. I pray God takes it from me. I do now forgive and with compassion I will move out.

  49. I am not angry at God, just impatient for i live in pain everyday,physically and mentally, please pray for me to be able to be patient and control my anger towards myself

  50. Thank you for that. It has opened a new door for me with God. Please pray for me and the anger I now have a way to conquer.

  51. On March 18,2017on my birthday my friend that I was dating for about14 mths.asked me to marry him.I accept the proposel. On 3/31 He put a ring on my finger. Everything was fine going well. At first we wanted a court house wedding and then I decided since this is my first wedding, I want a wedding that consist of 150 guest. On 4/13 the table turned. I text to say good morning and said” I love you” and he didn’t respond back. I called him and he didn’t answer so I left a message and said” when someone say I love you, a respond back would be nice. He texted back and said” I am being to detailed.” then he continue to say that we should start over as being friends because things are moving to fast. Now I haven’t seen him in person for a while.. He want call or text unless I call or text him.tried several of times to ask can I come to spend time with him it’s always I’m busy ,working or not availiable. My heart is broken and I’m angry and disappointed with the entire situation. I feel that he played on my emotions during a time when I was going threw with the loss of my father who died with cancer on 4/22. I’m torn to peices inside out. I don’t like to feel angry or resentment toward anyone because that is not of Christ ways but how can I get threw this. Please pray with me I need clarity.

    • Mary,
      Sometimes it is difficult for us to let go of something that is not God’s best for us. I experienced domestic violence in my marriage and moved out. My children do not want me to go back but a part of me wants to. I am having a hard time knowing God’s will in my situation because I am letting feelings get in the way. After all, everyone is entitles to a mistake and deserve a second chance…right? In my case, my husband admitted to wanting to hurt me a lot more than he did. Another chance could turn out bad for me. I guess what I am saying is sometimes we need to sit back and let God be in control. If God wants us to be with someone, he will turn their hearts towards us. If not, thank God he will not have an opportunity to hurt you worse if he had a next time to do it.

  52. Hello I came across your blog now I am really having a problem to let go of anger for something that has been happening to me for years. My mother in law who never liked me from the first time she heard of me always insulted me. I am overweight and was slim so she trived when people told her she looked younger than me. About 18 years ago she fell sick and had an operation done where by part of her colon was removed because of cancer. She has to daughters and another daughter in law but nine of them wanted to care for her I took her in helped her,took her for chemotherapy for 10 months when she finally go better she refused to stay with us saying someone from her church told her she must move from my house or she will die at my house. Anyway she moved back to her son and finally to her daughter but she was always sick. Last year she fell very sick and had to under go another operation. She was worried about who was going to take care of her unfortunately I had a back op a few years ago and didn’t volunteer to take care of her. She was with her young daughter an ended up get infection and being hospitalise over and over again. Finally she passed away this year. Her daughter refused to do anything for her when she came out of the op and use to leave her with the domestic worker an go away. At the funeral her daughter’s pastor insulted us for not taking care of her, while her daughter to care of her she took all the praise. Than daughter had a thanksgiving for her mom and again her pastor unsulted us and pick on my sickness of depression. I got up and waked away. My sister in law wanted to know if I was quilt of something. When my mother in law was a live we had bought her appliances my sister in law took everything. My mother in law had a small insurance which she said must divide among the four of them she is not telling anyone about the money. I do not want anything but also I do not want to be treated like a criminal. I have suffered depression, anxiety, stress headaches, I am getting sick all the time because I cannot let go of the anger and hurt. My husband tells me I am suffering because I sinned. Please help me all I want is to do what is right by God.And His will for my life.

  53. Im not sure where to start. So I’ll go straight into it. I was in a relationship about 2 months ago. It lasted 4 months. It was short. But we got along quite well. Although many would disagree. My parents weren’t the fondest of him, due to his constant video game life. (We are both in our 20`s) . He also quit college and is working in his family owned business. We had met at church. He seemed like a strong Christian like me. However, He put me through a lot. A month into our relationship, he texted me at 3 am. He told me, he was going to commit suicide. I called the police, and he told me, I saved his life. From that day forth, it seemed as I’d I was on edge all the time. He gave me scares that he would do it again. I would practically cater to his ever need. I regret having relations with him. We went far in our relationship. I regret to say it, but we did. I wanted to end it many times, but he guilted me every time . One day, we were on a nice date at his house. I then said we needed to stop our pda. He agreed and told me he loved me. That very day, as I got home. He ignored my messages and calls for five hours. He later messaged me. But it was to only break up with me. He never gave me a reason. He then told my friends about how it was me that ignored him. I moved on from it. I work at my church. I prayed about it. But every time I see a post he post about “how he loves his relationships and friends.. and how he cherishes them…” It makes me feel sick, hurt, and I guess bitter. I’m thinking it’s because I know what he did and it seems he never really loved me. I know God’s word. I know I’m forgive and that God restores. But why do I still feel hurt?

  54. Thank you for posting this. I was just crying over a sink of dishes and left them there, and i googled ‘ways to overcome anger after being hurt”. This popped up. I needed every verse right now. I started crying harder. God Bless your writing.

  55. Psalm51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

    I catch myself repeating this scripture over and over again when I’m slipping into anger.

    I would also recommend a study by Chip Ingram title ‘Overcoming Emotions that Destroy’.

    Amongst a daily battle with anger spanning 4 decades the above has done much to crack the shell of anger and self loathing that I carry.

  56. Habakkuh 3:2 is one I didn’t see listed I just read commentated in one of my commentaries of choice. Last part of it I try to repeat to self when topic of issue past or present comes up in mind or conversation “When in wrath, remember mercy” another wording to make practical, “when in anger, remember love”

  57. Hello Friends!! I just wanted to share my story, I can attest that the word of God in the bible is true, based one of these verses alone: I was in argument with my mom last night and went to sleep with these negative feelings and the next day I woke up EXTREMELY angry… The whole day I was SO Angry… Even when I had just woken up… and it didn’t stop there until I got my feelings sorted out this evening…! Those feelings were the most extreme I have ever had that I realized something was wrong… I had never woken up SO ANGRY before and it lasted for a very long while- ALMOST the whole day. And I didn’t understand until I read Ephesians 4:26-27 at this page…

    So brothers and sisters, I would ask that you keep His words in your hearts and minds…. So that you may be worthy of the promises of Christ. What I experienced for myself is horrible, so please do not go to sleep Angry, have some time to reflect on your anger and find peace and calm in forgiveness even if the other party has not asked for it.

    I wish you all well! I just thought I would share! Never Again…. Such a horrible experience!

  58. Recently I had reached out to a lady in my church for some help dealing with anger. She assured me that my anger was valid but I could not stay in it. She told me to get alone with God and do some searching and listening. I began praying and asking God to show me where to start. I knew I didn’t want to stay in my anger but I couldn’t move past it. I had looked up many things online and prayed to no avail. I sat down this evening in a desperate, determination to find a solution. I knew God was dealing with me to put in some more work and tonight I was going to sit here until I found something… Your blog came up on a google search and I am forever grateful! It was exactly what I needed to read. You gave clear points with scripture that were perfect. You also validated the anger and hurt I’ve have been holding onto. Your words really made me feel understood and you don’t even know me! 🙂 This is so simple, yet complex. Thank you very much for this post, even a couple years after it was written God is still using you and your words to reach those who are hurting and in search of healing. I am grateful for a God who hears and listens. He is faithful – Always.
    Thankful for you!

  59. I was searching scripture this evening because I’ve been angry with a close friend for the last 5 months. We have shared many challenging circumstances with each other and I’ve always felt comfortable speaking freely in Godly truth in our coversations. My friend was contemplating divorce and ended up in a relationship outside of the marriage. I was opposed to this choice and said so and communication came to an abrupt halt. Things that we openly discussed stopped. My friend has since filed for divorce and is living alone. I have been a mentor for my friend for a period of time and I was deeply hurt by the rejection and my trust in our friendship has turned into anger because I no longer feel like I can speak from the heart. When we do talk, I am not being true to myself because I find I’m just going along with the conversation and then I get angry with myself which turns into anger toward my friend. I think it reminds me of my relationship with my own children who rejected and abandoned me when I told them something they didn’t want to hear. I know I have a lot of deep seeded wounds and it’s easier for me walk away then work through and heal. I question if it is my pride getting in the way because for so long my friend shared everything with me and now others have taken my place. It’s taken me a long time to trust God and sometimes I feel He’s the only one I can really trust. I’ve been hurt many times in relationships and I’ve hurt many as well and I’m not very quick to let go and let God. I am trusting Gods Word to be true and pray for a tender heart…one that forgives and loves. I really cannot do this on my own and I thank you for this inspirational message and encouraging scripture. Again God has shown me His faithfulness in leading me to exactly what I needed. God bless

  60. I am sooooo thankful for this encouragement. I am resentful towards someone. This lesson was God breathed and it blessed my soul. I am thankful because it taught me, “ how to apply.” Through the wisdomyou’ve applied from the word,it made me want to obey its precepts. I thank God for my answer and thank God for the revelation. Keep being a miracle in the lives of people.

  61. I have been divorced for 4 years now. I was married to my ex close to 29 years. Instead of feeling I divorced him, I feel like someone I loved in my family died. I have struggled through my emotions since the divorce. I feel angry,cheated on and abandoned. I feel I gave him half of the years of my life. He openly has had several different dates. I know this because our 18 year old daughter has told me. Knowing that makes me even more angry. I have been heartbroken since the divorce. I know the logical thing to do now is to let go. Well for me it has been easier to say that than actually doing it. I feel I can’t let go. I feel I still love him and I regret the day we decided to divorce. I have been praying to God and Jesus Christ that he realizes that he had a family and want what I want my family whole again. I am 53 years old and starting over at this point in my life seems impossible to me. I pray to God to heal my heart and help me to forgive my ex. I pray that some day I will not feel angry anymore. That this time of my life and how I feel will soon be left behind. I want my daughter to see me accomplished and happy again and not this sad confused person. I pray for my ex to see what is important in life. Not his running around with different women. Only God can judge us so I don’t judge him and his behavior right now. I just hope my ex stops his running around and make ,us, his family whole again.

  62. What a blessing for your summary of scripture as it relates to Anger. After I read your review, I searched and found a wonderful review by Dr. Joyce Meyers : Dealing with Anger…..God’s Way and then…..a wonderful video by Anger Management, God’s Way – Summer on the Mount #3 Jonathan Pokluda | June 23, 2015. Its important for me to understand that I need to ask for forgiveness from those that I feel make me angry because it is highly likely that I own a part of the conflict. In addition, we can’t change people, Only God can. This is my downfall when I keep expecting my husband and child to become respectful in my eyes its an impossibility. I pray that God guide us all in this path through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and the peace brought forth through the Holy Spirit. Amen

  63. Thank you so much. I am struggling in a relationship and today found myself overcome with anger- I mean real ANGER- and resentment – and rage and I wanted to crawl out of my own skin. I am so angry and feel so powerless and I know that is not what God wants for me. So I turned to my Google and here you were. Within two minutes I was on my knees- beseeching God to help me- to help me let go of the anger and despair – to help me rise above the resentment – to let it all go. And within two seconds I felt God’s love pouring out to me. This is a struggle that will continue until it finds some sort of resolution, but I know in my heart that God sent me to your site today because I’d gone over the edge in despair. Thank you for being His tool to bring me back. May God bless and keep you.

  64. Thank you for this page. I am a born again Christian and I dearly love the Lord… Unfortunately, I not only get angry when irritated, I have outbursts and feel as though I will explode! The rage even terrifies me but in that moment I tend to not care…
    I have a big sister who always makes me feel inadequate and stupid, even when she is outrightly wrong and disrespectful, she doesn’t care and always let’s me down… We are orphans so I am always seeking her out when I need someone to talk to… I don’t know what to do because I love her, and I don’t think she even cares, maybe we both have deep rooted anger though hers is not evident. Our mum used to be angry and say terrible things…. So I tend to lash out if I feel belittled or manhandled… I am asking God for wisdom, self control, and love… I know God changes people because he has changed many of my other issues…. Anger is not my portion and I am asking God to pull it out from the roots!!
    Please pray with me because anger is debilitating and robs one of everything!! I ask God in the mighty name of Jesus to give me victory in this so I can be a blessing to others and serve him righteously… May God have mercy on me and us all… May we be who he made us to be, to bring him praise in everything we are and do… I am now committing to be vigilant when the signs come, I pray that the Holy Spirit of God will quicken my spirit to hold my tongue and pause when agrieved. May God go before us!

  65. Thank-you Edther, for that prayer. I am the same & feel.intense anger & rage sometimes. Thank-youfor your prayer. It can help, if someone angers you, to pray, right at that moment & say in your heart “I forgive you for belittling me, I forgive you for making me feel this rage & anger” or whatever it is that they are ddoing to you or making you feel. That takes the power of the emotion.away from you. I tjink it is Gods way of protecting US, when we forgive someone. It stops the petson from affecting us’ .

  66. Wow this is Great! God knew I needed to see this. I am so angry, hurt and confused with my ex best friend. Someone who was like a sister to me. She said things to me that I would never think would come out of her mouth. Pure evil. I don’t know how to stop being angry. I couldn’t even take communion at Church today because I know the thoughts and feelings I have inside are not of God. I don’t know what to do…

  67. Hi, I am going on 12 years of severe sociopathic and narcissistic abuse. I have lived through multiple affairs by my ex, All of which he flat out denied and twisted the blame on me. I have had every word I ever spoke used against me. I have been financially abused over and over. I have had my kids placed in the middle of this evil game. I have been slandered and lied about. I have dealt with corruption in the court system and dirty attorneys. I have had every word I ever spoke used against me. I have been financially abused over and over. I have had my kids placed in the middle of this evil game. I have been slandered and lied about. I have dealt with corruption in the court system and dirty attorneys. I have Literally been left with nothing financially and I have lost years of alimony and support due to lies. My emotional state is tested every day of my life because I continue to be controlled by my ex. I live in fear that if I bring him back to court to try and get what he owes, he will bring my kids back into the situation and make my life more of a living hell. Right now I live every day just trying to remain literally been left with nothing financially and I have lost years of alimony and support due to lies. My emotional state is tested every day of my life because I continue to be controlled by my ex. I live in fear that if I bring him back to court to try and get what he owes, he will bring my kids back into the situation and make my life more of a living hell. Right now I live every day, walking on eggshells and hoping I don’t make a wrong move. I am not the same person I was a decade ago. I have no finances and no lawyer left. My last Attorney lied to me and had me sign everything away yet now I am not the same person I was a decade ago. I have no finances and no lawyer left. My last Attorney lied to me and had me sign everything away yet says he never said anything I claimed he said. The lies and corruption have destroyed myself and my children and I have no way of digging myself out at this point. I have prayed for years for justice and things keep seeming to get worse. I don’t know what to do anymore other than to continue to pray

  68. Wow! This was wonderful! Just what I needed to hear. I was really battling with some strong feelings. I wasn’t sure what it was. I googled definition of anger.

    Anger- a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.
    That was it…. I was feeling this way towards a person. It seemed I had peace till they came around. Then all it was is confusion. So I went to look up scriptures on it and came across this article. It was exactly what I needed. Then I read through the comments and found out I wasn’t alone. It took days to get through the comments but they really helped. To see what happens when we seek God, pray and walk in forgiveness! I’m trying to really walk in love with this person. I struggle and have to bite my tongue but I know God hears my groanings. He knows my heart and knows I follow him whole heartly now. The only advice I give people is what I learn from your word and to work wholeheartedly and be honest in everything thing. You want people to be able to trust you. When you lie you cannot be trusted. Its hard to walk through this world being a Christian. This world teaches every thing opposite then what God teaches. We do this one day at a time and seek Jesus to listen for that still small voice.

    For with God nothing shall be impossible.
    Luke 1:37 KJV❤⚓☀️

  69. I had a friend for 10 years and she lied to me about everything. Her son lived with me for a year and she asked him to lie to me all the time as well. Finally when he was ready to leave our home and go visit his grandfather for the summer her and I had a falling out. You see she is in a relationship with an abuser and a drug addict. I have asked her to not have him around my child as well as other things, he doesn’t really matter to our friendship except that because I don’t agree with her relationship we are no longer friends. I shouldn’t care, she made her decision but it breaks my heart. She lies to everyone in her life, no exaggeration!! She is fraud if the health and welfare system, commiting hipa violations, and living to get work done on her car from a previous accident. She posts pics of her perfect life and people rave and I am cumsumed with anger and resent!! I want to tel everyone who and what she is and make her “face the music”. I haven’t and I won’t but I just want these feelings to go away. I don’t want to let her make me a “murderer” I just want to feel free from her and the anger! Please help!

  70. This may not be helpful but it seems that you are judging your friend in everything she does. You list all the bad things she is doing & it seems that you feel she should ‘pay’ for all these things. You judge her & seem full.of hate towards her. Pray that Jesus will take away your judging heart. It’s not your place to jusge her. God willdo that. Pray for HER. Ask God to forgive you for your hardened heart & hatred of her. Ask Him to show you how He wants you to behave towards her. Jesus said ‘loveyour enemies’. She seems like your enemy right now, not your friend. You can’t ‘love her’ by yourself, as that is himanly impossible but you can do it if you ask Jesus to help you do it. Concentrate on thinking how you can influence her to get her away from this ‘abuser, drug addict’. Maybe that’s what Jesus wants you to do. Or maybe He wants you to reach out to the drug addict???

  71. Always give everyone the right to be wrong. Our Heavenly Father does.
    If we don’t, we become a judge, & will be judged accordingly.

    • I probably shouldn’t speak for Dennis, but his comment spoke deeply to me. I think he’s saying we shouldn’t expect perfection from anyone. Though we know that, it still bothers us when people behave imperfectly. People will mess up and people will be wrong. All people. Including me. Giving someone the right to be wrong helps me destroy my unfair expectations of them. It also frees me to truly love. God sees our imperfections and loves us anyway.

      I’m glad I saw this today. I really needed to absorb the words of this blog and the words of Dennis. I can now stop focusing on my feelings of being wronged and channel that energy into something positive that will cause me to move forward.

  72. I needed to read this today. I am holding resentments against a person, that probably could not care less. I am blessed to have read this and have a fresh perspective on my situation.

  73. I came upon this page because I am indeed angry and feel resentment to the person that I am with and I need spiritual guidance. October 16 was my birthday and last night things reached a head with me and my companion and he says that I am the reason another women was in the picture because I was bitter and couldn’t see what I had done to get things to this point. He also says that my children are me and do the exact same things which causes an issue for his kids because they are trying to do the right thing. We are on a lease until Sept 2019 and its him and 4 kids (2 his and 2 mine). He is very into the Father and I am working to get even more acquainted with him because I had lost touch. I really need guidance because I am not able to go on alone with tackling this. I pray and pray and it seems like the more I pray the harder it becomes for me. I almost feel I am not worthy. Can someone please provide some insight for me, I try to follow the rules listed above but I keep stumbling every time I think I am making lead way .

  74. I come upon this page bc I’m very anger and have so much hate inside of me for someone. I have prayed and continue to pray but I just cant get pass my anger. My ex husband decide he wanted a divorce and as this was going on I left the home with my children bc it had got to the point of being physical and would never want that around my children. This man took everything from me and my children are home, r car, he took things from my children and at the time I was a stay at home mom and cut all my cards off and I was trying to find a job.I will never say I was perfect but I did everything around the home even yard work and everything for my children. This man for some reason still feel I own him something and follows me. I’m just so tired of everything and ready to move pass this

  75. I was searching for scripture regarding being angry- God put this before me today. I am angry and hurt by someone I would give my own life for and it is so hard. Thank you for writing this blog and using scripture to make me understand.

  76. Hi, great blog, I live the way you’ve written this!

    I have one question- unrelated to the subject, but what translation is this? If you’ve typed it word for word, I’d love to find that translation for my studies!

    Thanks in advance!

    Be blessed

    • Typically, I do copy and paste word for word from, but I jump around between the NLT (my favorite), ESV (I’ve heard is the most accurate to the original language), and NIV.

  77. To Bryce,
    You refer to Scripture & asked what version – I can’t see any quoted Scripture in.all the comments above. What were you referring to?

  78. I need help . I feel like my grown kids treat me like I’m a monster. Who knows maybe I am. I took my son and his girlfriend into my home and now I’m moving and they both owe me money. I’m on section 8 housing and on disability. Because I ask for my money that I need to move which is owed to me, they both block me. I helped them out to get on their feet, but now they act like I’m trash.yes I need that money to move by December 1st and they both dont care if I lose my housing after I helped them so much. Now I’m not claiming to be perfect in all this and I have lost my temper. I asked them to forgive me but I’m blocked so they dont or cant read my apologies and my forgiveness. I wanted so bad to be mean and hateful on my end that’s why asked for forgiveness.i sat and cried and prayed. I do forgive them and I do love them. I’m not a monster. Why is my own son hating me and his girlfriend after I’ve done so much to help them get on their feet. Now they dont care that I’m about to lose my place. It hurts bad I’ve done way more than my means for them, and now I’m blocked, I’m ignored, and yes I’m hurt, mad, sad.So I sat in my chair today in the middle of my anger I prayed with all my might I prayed for them I prayed for God to take my my hateful thoughts and I praised God in this hurricane of my life. I need help . I need prayers. I wish them both the best even if I become homeless. At least I could help them get on their feet. Praise God. Father I give you the honor glory and the praise for it all Even though I’m being treated as if I never existed but I trust you Lord and that gives comfort and the courage to let go of this anger. Thank you lord for my son and his girlfriend getting a home for themselves.

  79. Thank you Tara for your words of wisdom. I had googled “overcoming resentment” and was led to your site. I have a wonderful Christian husband and God has blessed us so. However, I feel such resentment and anger at times. My spouse hurt his back and retired ten years ago. His back healed and he was in kung fu classes everyday. He works about 20 days per year teaching. Since his retirement, I realized that retirement wasn’t in the cards for me for a long while. I have been sick with Fibromyalgia for years and had been close to going on disability. God was there for me again and I found a wonderful treatment, so am not so sick, but, get flare ups frequently. I know God has led me to my job. But, I feel my spouse should step up to the plate. These thoughts run through my head over and over. I pray daily for love and forgiveness and the next day, I have to start all over again. I feel I have been taken advantage of and done wrong. But, on the other hand, God has led me to my job and in so many other ways. I can’t seem to come to terms with the thought that maybe this is what God wants for my life. I was raised in a strict Baptist home and was told a husband would take care of me. It is surely the other way around here. I know God has blessed us because my spouse spends so much time in studying and prayer. On the other hand, I am so jealous that I don’t have that time too! I feel like a lost child who wants to tantrum. I certainly could use prayers from anyone!

  80. This is a wonderful post. I’m bookmarking it to come back to and remind myself every time. Feeling angry and resentful truly sucks and I believe can cause serious health issues if carried on too long. Personally, it’s hard for me to get over being angry when someone does me wrong or someone I love wrong. Most of the time, I stand up and say something. But I’m finding in a lot of cases, the behavior doesn’t change nor does my anger and resentment go away. It’s hard to know when to say and not say something and how to say it if it must be said. And it’s also hard to get past the anger and resentment when something goes unresolved. Your post gave me hope and I see it as a guide for what to do when I’m feeling angry. Thank you.

  81. I’ve been struggling for 7 years with my next door neighbors. They called me a gook and the C word plus during the past 7 years gave my Elementary son at the time the middle fingers stopped in tongues out at him. They cursed at us made fun of me and my son because we were both adopted. They tell lies about us to our neighbors which I have all on video because we had to get the ring to record everything we call the cops on them a few times… And still to this day I can’t seem to f Elementary son at the time the middle finger is stuck them tongues out at him. They cursed at us made fun of me and my son because we were both adopted. They tell lies about us to our neighbors which I have all on video because we had to get the ring to record everything we call the cops on them a few times… And still to this day I can’t seem to forgifr them. I’ve already let the enemy into my mind and unfortunately he keeps using them as a tool. Their backyard is right into my bedroom and I hear every word and I tense up when I hear them come home from work..
    I’m going to print this out and re read it and pray these steps. I hope this works in my heart. Im desperate

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