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17 Encouraging Bible Verses to Start Your Day – Free Printable

Morning quiet time Bible verses for teens or women - Scripture to start the day. The Words of God are perfect to study first thing in the morning. These encouraging Bible verses will give you the uplifting boost of truth that you need in the morning. Great routine to start for life. Beautiful thoughts and ideas on the words of Jesus. Inspiration, motivation, and encouragement for moms and all women. Great daily reminder to overcome challenges with faith and peace.

Five years ago, I wrote that it was impossible for me to get up early and have quiet time. I was working evenings, starting around 4 and ending around midnight, and getting up an extra hour early just seemed totally out of my reach. Then something miraculous happened. I accepted a job that required “normal” working hours during the morning and afternoon. I started taking my kids to bed around 9pm and falling asleep and staying asleep. And then, suddenly, I was able to get up early for the first time in my entire life. It makes so much stupid … Read more