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What to Pack in an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox #OCCGiving

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

So there’s apparently a holiday going on today. I’m not a fan. From my Twitter and Facebook conversations, I know many of you are also not fans. Side note – I’m a fun mom, and I let my kids have their Halloween fun, but I stay out of it as much as possible. Too much candy, too much scary, too many spiders. I’m just not a fan. Anyway. I love Christmas. I love Christmas with a giant puffy red heart. I love the spirit of Christmas, of kindness, of giving, of loving, of hope and goodwill. Children all over the … Read more

Teaching Children to Give featuring The King’s Christmas List

For my entire adult life, I’ve done a lot of giving during the holiday season. Children have a special place in my heart, and my heart aches to know that some children miss the magic of Christmas. Because I am able, I give gifts to children where ever I can. Because they are organized locally and benefit children in my community, I’ve always focused my attention on giving trees and a local school’s toy drive. Last year, Grace was interested in giving gifts to other children. This year, not so much. When we go to the store, she wants to … Read more

Operation Christmas Child

When I attended the Relevant Conference last month, I spoke with a representative from Operation Christmas Child. I’d heard of the program before but, preferring to give locally, never really looked into it. I spoke with the representative politely, gathering as much information as I could about the program, unconvinced that sending Christmas gifts to children overseas was right for my family’s charitable efforts. When I got home, there was a book in my bag about a little boy who received a shoebox from Operation Christmas Child. As I read that book to Grace, it spoke to my heart. I … Read more