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28 Moon Books for Kids

Whether you're looking for sweet bedtime stories or stories to go with a thematic unit on the moon, this book list is amazing! Almost 30 classic books, all about the moon! Great for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and older kids in homeschool or the classroom. Children love these books!

We are beginning a moon unit, and I have collected together what I think are the best moon books for kids. These books are all fiction (non-fiction in a separate post coming soon), and they would be great for any preschool or elementary unit or lesson dealing with the moon.

As I was writing this, it seemed like almost all of them were award winners. There are truly some gems among children’s literature here!

Did I forget anything? Please tell me in the comments if you know of a book that’s not on my list!

  1. On the Moon – This is a cute story about what it would be like to visit the moon. Isn’t that every kid’s dream?
  2. Pelly and Mr. Harrison Visit the Moon – A little girl named Pelly and her pooch take a rocketship from the bathtub straight to the moon, and they find it is a pretty cool place.
  3. Clementine – A little snail loves everything round, especially the moon. She is determined to get to it and glide over its round surface.
  4. Good Night Moon – I think everyone knows this one, right? I had it memorized for years because we had to read it every single night before bed. A little bunny says good night to all the things in her room. I think it’s a delaying tactic myself.
  5. Grandfather Twilight – This is a beautifully poetic story of the man who brings night to the forest. It paints nighttime as peaceful and magical, making it a perfect bedtime story for little ones.
  6. The Great Moon Hoax – This is historical fiction based on a real event. In 1835, a newspaper created fanciful headlines about what a new telescope could see on the moon, and the two little boys in this story are excited to be selling so many papers.
  7. How to Bicycle to the Moon to Plant Sunflowers – This silly story shows you step by step how to ride your bicycle to the moon, just like the name says!
  8. I Love the Night – This beautifully illustrated story is a little like Good Night Moon. It celebrates the night and all things bedtime. I really like this one.
  9. I Took the Moon for a Walk – This is a story about a little boy who takes his friend the moon for a walk. The text has a rhythm and rhyme and is wonderful to read.
  10. Jimmy Zangwow’s Out-of-This-World Moon-Pie Adventure – Jimmy loves moon pies, but his mother holds a tight rein on the delicious desserts. He decides to fly to the moon and get his own moon pies!
  11. Kitten’s First Full Moon – A kitten thinks the moon is a bowl of milk in the sky, and she has to have it. An adorable story written by Kevin Henkes.
  12. Lullaby Moon – This rhyming story is perfect for bedtime. It talks about the moon that will watch over your little ones while they sleep (in a totally non-creepy way).
  13. Mavis & Her Fabulous Mooncakes – This gorgeously illustrated story explains why the moon changes over the course of the month using a sweet cat and her tasty cakes.
  14. Max and the Tag-Along Moon – Max is a little boy who misses his grandfather, but takes comfort in knowing that the same moon he sees also tags along behind his grandpa. And then the moon hides on a cloudy night, and Max doesn’t know what to do.
  15. The Moon – This is a Robert Louis Stevenson poem made into a book with lovely illustrations. Out of print but available used on Amazon.
  16. The Moon Jumpers – Have you ever said, “Kids nowadays don’t know how to go outside and play!” These kids do exactly that! Illustrated by Maurice Sendak a few years before he did Where the Wild Things Are (which has only a little to do with the moon).
  17. Moon Mouse – Search for Moon Mouse on Amazon, and you’ll find about a dozen books on mice and the moon. Who knew it was such a popular topic? This particular one is out of print but available used on Amazon. It is a sweet story about reaching for big dreams.
  18. Moongame – Moonbear likes to play hide and seek with the moon, but once, he can’t find the moon at all. Also in this series are Mooncake, Moondance, and Happy Birthday Moon. These are classic stories updated very little since their original publication.
  19. Mouse and the Moon Made of Cheese – Another cute story about a mouse with big dreams. Kids learn about adventures and perseverance as they try to reach the moon.
  20. The Mouse Who Ate the Moon – This story is really cute. When a piece of the moon falls off, the little mouse eats it. And she keeps eating until it’s not round anymore. It’s a great story that explains how we see different phases of the moon.
  21. Owl at Home – From Alfred Lobel, the author who wrote Frog and Toad, comes a collection of five stories about Owl. He takes in visitors and learns silly lessons. The last story, Owl and the Moon, is about Owl befriending the moon.
  22. Owl Moon – Written by Jane Yolen, this is a story about a little girl and her father who go out late at night together looking for owls.
  23. Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me – What do I have to say but Eric Carle? This gorgeously illustrated story is about the moon, and a man’s quest to bring it home for his daughter.
  24. Red Knit Cap Girl – This is the first in a series of stories about a little girl who wants to meet the moon.
  25. Round is a Mooncake – This is a shapes book with poetic text. One part talks about all the things in the neighborhood that are round, and of course, the moon is one of those things.
  26. The Tear Thief – A little pixie travels from house to house collecting tears cried by children. She turns them into jewels, and when her bag is full, she pours them into the moon to keep it shining brightly. This is a beautiful story that would be nice for a bedtime story.
  27. Wait Till the Moon is Full – This is a sweet story about a little raccoon who wanted to go out exploring, but his mother told him that he had to wait until the moon was full. Written by Margaret Wise Brown, author of Good Night Moon and The Big Red Barn (which is my all-time favorite children’s story but only mentions the moon in passing on one page).
  28. The Way Back Home – Another silly story! This time, a little boy finds an airplane and uses it to fly to the moon. Reading silly stories can be tricky when you’re learning real stuff about the moon, but it is fun to talk about what is real and what isn’t.
  29. When the Moon Forgot – This is out of print, but it is such a precious story and can often be found used on Amazon. It’s about a little boy who finds the fallen moon and takes it home to nurse it and put it back in the sky.
  30. Willoughby and the Moon – The moon gets smaller and smaller and smaller outside Willoughby’s window, and then it disappears! He sets off on a quest to find out where it went, and he meets an interesting character along the way. In the end, this is a book about fears, so it would be great for a child with anxieties.

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