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Bring the Easter Story to Life with A Sense of the Resurrection

A Sense of the Resurrection teaches children about Jesus' death through real life sensory experiences. Christian religious activities for Sunday School or home. Works for preschoolers up to older elementary kids. Fun and meaninful at the same time.

We love holidays at my house.


Even though many all of the holidays have been difficult since my mom died, I think it’s so important to preserve my kids’ childhood celebrations. Holidays are magical when you’re little, and I want my kids to be little for as long as possible.

During Advent, we focus on Jesus for the whole month before Christmas. We study his lineage through our Jesse Tree devotionals, and we talk about our excitement for His coming. We celebrate His birthday, and then Santa comes and brings lots of presents.

I don’t think it’s confusing for my kids. They understand that Jesus is why we celebrate but there’s more to the celebration that simply sitting around and thinking about Him. It is, after all, a celebration.

With presents.

So, with the same attitude, we celebrate Easter.

During Lent, we talk about Jesus for the whole 40 days before Easter. We “fast” (not eating meat on Fridays is as far as our fast has gotten so far, but next year, we’ll give up something significant as a family), and we learn about Jesus and the story of His last days through our Resurrection Eggs. In past years, we’ve focused on the Resurrection Eggs for just a week or two before Easter, but this year, we’ve done something a little different. I’ll share that on Friday.

This year, we’ve also added an extra piece – A Sense of the Resurrection.

This week only, the code OHEASTER will get you 20% off the book. But don’t delay – the code ends on Friday, March 28.

A Sense of the Resurrection is created by Amanda White, the genius kids’ pastor who brought us The Truth in the Tinsel. She has a real gift for bringing these huge, life-giving concepts in the Bible down to the level of our small children. She makes them real, tangible, and accessible for their little concrete brains.

And so it is with A Sense of the Resurrection. I wanted to share some screenshots from the book, so I chose a part of the Easter story that we would all know – the feet washing.

My church has a foot washing ceremony on Maundy Thursday, but I’ve never been brave enough to bring my kids. This activity is a way to do just that, allowing them to see, smell, and feel the act of washing feet as the servant King did.

Amanda doesn’t mention this, but Jesus and the disciples lived in the desert. They wore sandals. Their feet were probably dusty and dirty (though maybe not as smelly as my kids’ sneakers). It adds something else to think about.

A Sense of the Resurrection - Day Three

After you do the day’s activity, your kids can color the day’s flag. The flags are a nice wrap-up activity; they give the kids time to think about and process the activity while doing something completely normal – coloring.

All of the printable flags are included with the book.

A Sense of the Resurrection - Day Three


At the end of the book, Amanda even includes instructions for different ways to put your printable flag banner together.

A Sense of the Resurrection - Printable Flags

If you liked the Truth in the Tinsel, you will love A Sense of the Resurrection.

If you are looking for a way to teach your kids about the Easter story is a non-traumatic and scary way, you will love A Sense of the Resurrection.

If you want to bring your children closer to the living King who humbled Himself as a human being and then died for all of us, you need A Sense of the Resurrection.

There are only 25 days until Easter, so get on this soon! This week only, the code OHEASTER will get you 20% off the book. But don’t delay – the code ends on Friday, March 28.

A Sense of the Resurrection

I received a free copy of A Sense of the Resurrection to review, and this post contains affiliate links.

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4 thoughts on “Bring the Easter Story to Life with A Sense of the Resurrection”

  1. This is the type of book that helps children really learn. I like that the senses are involved. Maundy Thursday is an often forgotten celebration. It’s nice to see that you can share it with your children

    • Thursday was the night of the Last Supper, right? I’m going to try to put together a traditional Jewish Seder (since Jesus was a Jew, to show my kids what he would have done that night) this year. We’ll see if it happens. I hope I can get my stuff together before then.

  2. The book sounds wonderful and can’t wait to do it with my grandchildren. However, when I enter OHEASTER, it says the code is invalid. Please advise.

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