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Road Trip to Old Grandma’s – A Photo Essay

Old Grandma lives in the Boonies. There is no cable. There is no internet. There is no radio or telephone.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. There is radio, and there is telephone. There's even cellular reception, allowing me to use my iPhone for some semblance of the outside world.

Because I knew in advance that I'd be driving a super fancy luxury Chrysler Town and Country with a video entertainment system, I planned to drive it to Old Grandma's house in the Boonies.

If I'd known about the CarFi system, I might have tried to work while I was there. I didn't, so it was mostly an unplugged vacation.

It's almost 250 miles to the Boonies – a 4-hour drive if my passengers sleep the whole way.

They rarely sleep. At all.

If the passengers are awake the whole time, I have to stop for food and bathroom breaks and time to walk around. The trip can take 5 hours or more. With all the construction going on right now, it took a little over 6 hours to get home last week.

I planned a trip to Old Grandma's during my Drive and Blog test drive because I wanted to give the Town and Country's entertainment system a real trial.

Let me back up a bit.

First, I packed for the trip. I used my biggest suitcase because I put all the girls' clothes and my own in the same bag. I also pack art supplies and crafty projects and stuffed animals.

And a baby.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

I was on a Skype call with my boss, so I didn't help with the packing of the vehicle. I forgot to take a picture of it, too, which is unfortunate since everything was thrown in the back of the car in a helter skelter heap.

Immediately upon turning the car on, Grace asked for the movie. So we turned on the VES – Video Entertainment System – and pulled down the screen.

The children were elated. They watched Robin Hood, 101 Dalmatians Sing Along, and Gigi, God's Little Princess.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review - VES

For the first half of the trip, I was annoyed. I couldn't figure out how to switch adjust the radio controls so that the kids could watch a DVD and I could listen to Sirius radio. I eventually did figure that out, but Grace complained that she could hear my music and I turned it off.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

The only problem with the VES is this:

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

The rearview mirror is completely blocked by the tv screen.

We arrived at Old Grandma's house well after bedtime. Of course, the children wrestled instead of quieting and going to sleep.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

The next morning, they picked flowers in Old Grandma's yard.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

Allie passed her flowers around.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

Then they chased their father all over the yard –

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

– until he collapsed and Old Grandma thought maybe we should help him.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

Not long after that, exhaustion set in. Old Grandma and I played Yahtzee while everyone else napped.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

I just love all the cargo space in the Town and Country. I threw a toy shopping cart in with our stuff, and Allie pushed that cart all over Old Grandma's house.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

Another bonus for this trip was the supply of arts and crafts projects that I was able to bring. Grace colored a bag for herself while we were there.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

The drive home was about the same as the drive to Old Grandma's. It was long, and the kids watched movies the whole time.

I've read that you can hook up video game systems to the Town and Country's VES and/or show two different DVDs, one to each screen. We haven't tried that out yet.

The van also came with headphones that the girls used to watch their movies. Those are pretty cool.

 This is the second of 3 sponsored posts in Chrysler's Drive and Blog program. All opinions and text are my own.

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  1. I love that you get to drive a new spiffy mini van, how cool! My 5yr old would love to color a bag like Grace did, do you mind telling me where you got that?! Thanks

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