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A fabulous meal – make it from scratch carnival #79

I’m delighted to be hosting the Make It From Scratch carnival this week. I’ve participated before, but I have never had the honor of hosting. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do it on a semi-regular basis.

Did you know about the MIFS carnival? Every week, people from all over the blogosphere post recipes, crafts, household projects and more on their blogs, and they submit the links to MIFS to be included in the weekly summary.  Anyone can participate, and you can find more information here. Check it out!
This week’s entries for the carnival just happen to coordinate to make a beautiful meal. What’s better on a summer evening than a nice appetizer, a couple of fresh salads, a soup, bread, and some dessert? We even have paper to write the menu on and laundry soap to wash the tablecloth. All you need are a couple friends to share the bounty with. Enjoy!
Food from scratch
One of my favorite appetizers to order at a restaurant is stuffed mushrooms. We love mushrooms, and stuffed ones are always delicious. Dora at Y-2K Hippie shared her recipe for bacon and cheese stuffed mushrooms with us this week.

I’ve been thinking about making homemade bread for a while. MomAdvice says that a bread machine is best, but a friend told me that she prefers the old fashioned way. I haven’t decided. Erica from The Sojourner has; she shared an awesomely simple bread recipe this week. I can’t wait to try it.

Homemade bread would go superbly with a nice salad, wouldn’t it? Stephanie presented A Quick Easy Tomato Dish at Stop the Ride!, and MamaBear posted Taco Salad at I’ve Got A Little Space To Fill. What a great way to use up those summer veggies! If I was making taco salad for my family, we’d add some beans to the ground meat. They’re really easy and inexpensive to make at home.
Instead of salad, maybe you’d like to make some soup with your beans. The Thinking Mother shared her Homemade Stock Tips for Busy People, full of hints for making your own vegetable and meat stocks. Wouldn’t they be great to make and freeze?
Don’t eat too much of the savory foods, because we have a plethora of delicious desserts to make this week, too!  Silvia shared a recipe for Homemade Apple Pie posted at Po Moyemu–In My Opinion. That’ll be my husband’s favorite, for sure.
Kate from Our Red House presented (Frozen) Butter Pecan Mousse. I wonder how it would be with a pecan pie? I loooove pecan pie.
I think Bananas Foster is one of the finest desserts ever created. Well, bananas foster, flan, pecan pie, and ice cream. And cheesecake. And carrot cake. I digress. The 3 Moms sent in a recipe for Crepes with Bananas Foster Sauce, that she originally posted at Happy to be at Home.
What are you going to drink with all of this goodness? I learned this week that a Mexican Horchata is a hearty drink made from rice and almonds. Doesn’t it sounds good? Beth posted that one at Almost Maven.
Cleaning from scratch
Madsow posted an illustrated DIY tutorial to make your own laundry soap and save big money at Engineer a debt free life. 
Paper from scratch
Tomato Lady finished her homemade Daylily Paper  at Little House in the Suburbs. Her paper was made entirely from daylily leaves.
Tune in next week to GreenStyleMom for Make It From Scratch Carnival #80. Remember to submit your entries by Sunday night using the form at the carnival homepage

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6 thoughts on “A fabulous meal – make it from scratch carnival #79”

  1. Thanks for hosting and including my post. I just linked to it. I’m late because I was out of town and without Internet access. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for hosting and including my post. I just linked to it. I’m late because I was out of town and without Internet access. Have a great weekend!

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