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Allie and Zeus

One of our cats, Zeus, is large and slightly ornery. He loves me, of course, but he is less enamored with the other members of my family.

Grace as a baby was incredibly afraid of Zeus. She fell on him once, and he protected himself with his claws. After that, she gave him wide berth.

Allie has been scratched by Zeus several times, not because she fell on him but because she harasses him. She remains unfazed.

Hey cat! she says whenever he crosses her line of sight.

Allie loves Zeus.


Well, Zeus.


Zeus does not love Allie. In fact, I think Zeus fears Allie.

Unfortunately, once in a while, he purrs in her vicinity, and she is buoyed.

Her love burns anew.

She smiles and giggles and hugs.

Before he knows it, he is in a headlock, and she is rocking him gently and saying Ni, ni (which means nice, nice).

Because, as far as she knows, she is being quite nice.

Judging by the look on his face, I’d say Zeus disagrees.

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2 thoughts on “Allie and Zeus”

    • I think you’re right. He sat next to her this afternoon and purred and purred. It was so dear and so precious. She rubbed his fur, scratched his chin, and patted his head (though in her one-year-old way it was more like brushing his backwards, squeezing his throat, and whacking his noggin), and he stayed and purred. It’s amazing to me that he’ll sit through the abuse. I think he knows it’s done in love. 🙂

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