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11 Kid-Approved Fall Recipes

When I think of fall recipes, I think of apples and pumpkins and lots of soups and stews. I love cooking in the fall season, when it’s okay to heat up the house with the oven and apples are covering every surface in the house. Okay, not really, but they are plentiful during the fall, right? I love to eat produce in season because it just tastes so much better. So anyway, it is hard to please the palate of my picky eater, but these 11 recipes work most of the time. Here are some of our favorites for now … Read more

11 Smart Tips for Cooking with Kids

My kids love to cook. They’ve both been cooking with me since they could stand in the kitchen, thanks to their Learning Tower and lots of kid-sized kitchen tools. They’re old pros these days. With me working a full-time job now, we don’t get as much time together in the kitchen as we used to, but they still look forward to the times when we can. If your kids don’t like to cook with you, all isn’t lost. There isn’t one trick to getting your kids into the kitchen. It’s more like the accumulation of many little tricks. Try these: Take … Read more

8 Tips for Kids to Improve the Health of Kids Who Are Picky Eaters

8 ways to improve your kids health

My kids subscribe to a special diet. I regretfully call it the chicken nuggets and french fries diet. I feel like we do everything right, but they are at a stage where they want to eat all the world’s fake food, and they refuse to eat anything else. I jest. There are plenty of things they eat besides chicken nuggets and french fries (mostly because I only allow them to eat those once a day, and not even every day). During this season of their life, I have a few strategies to keep them healthy. Feed them L’il Critters Gummy Vites … Read more

What I (Used to) Feed My Kids

Because they ate breakfast before 7, my girls were ready for lunch by 10 yesterday. I made them a nutritious feast of chicken nuggets, baked beans, and fuji apples and had beans and rice myself. I had a doctor’s appointment, and Allie fell asleep on the way home. {Hallelujah!} By the time she woke up, it was almost 2 o’clock. And they were both hungry again. Grace asked for a pineapple Greek yogurt, easy. Allie wanted bay-ees (berries), which meant grapes or strawberries. I think she has them confused, so either will do. “Allie, we don’t have any berries. What would you … Read more

There’s Something Wrong With My Juice

We’ve started diluting Grace’s juice. Personally, I hate that she drinks so much juice, period. I think fruit juice is a scant step above soda pop, empty calories with few vitamins and no fiber. The bad habit began when Grace was had the swine flu and wouldn’t eat. We gave her as much juice as she would drink, just to keep her hydrated and give her some energy. Grace likes to drink juice, so Joe keeps buying it. I suggested to him this week that we begin cutting the apple juice with water. I asked him to mix it in … Read more

Feeding an Independent Child with the Baby Dipper

I got a Baby Dipper bowl and spoon in January, when Grace was a little more than 19 months old. The second time she used it, I wished that I’d known about it a year earlier. I hate messes. I’m not a neat freak by any stretch, but I hate having dirty, sticky messes on fingers and clothes and tablecloths and high chairs. It just bothers me, and I can’t explain the reason. For a year, I fed Gracie from a tiny glass prep bowl. I was afraid she’d knock it out of my hands and break it. I was … Read more