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My Homeschool Conundrum

Did you catch my mini revelation in yesterday’s announcement? I’m homeschooling my children. Joe and I came to this agreement a year or so ago, but we were mum about the decision out of respect for my (now former) employer. How We Have Been Doing Homeschool Preschool In the fall, I wrote a guest post for Amy at Raising Arrows about how I was doing homeschool preschool with Grace. As the year (and my pregnancy) progressed, our plans changed out of necessity. At first, I thought we needed curricula. We started with Hooked on Phonics Pre-K through Grade 2 Handwriting … Read more

The Nittany Lion

On our way home from Old Grandma’s house last week, Grace asked if we could stop to see the Nittany Lion. “If you’re awake, we’ll stop,” I responded, hoping that she would sleep the whole way home. What if I’m sleeping? “Then we won’t stop.” About 15 miles before Penn State, Grace woke up. Did I miss it? she asked, stretching and sleepy. “No. You had perfect timing. We’re almost there.” As soon as I unbuckled her, Grace raced from the car to the Nittany Lion. She climbed up all by herself, and she hugged its neck. I’ve missed you, … Read more

The 10 Best iPhone Apps for Preschoolers

Grace uses my iPhone nearly as much as I do. I have said many times, I don’t remember how we parented before I had an iPhone. That little electronic device has saved my sanity at many doctor’s offices, during many overtired moments, and many sleepless afternoons. Lately, I’ve been letting it teach her reading skills. The best part? She doesn’t feel like she’s doing school, but she’s still learning. Grace is soon to turn 4, and these are currently her favorite iPhone apps. Please note – I am not working with any PR or company reps. These are all apps … Read more

A is for Crocodile

Grace has known for a year or more that her name is spelled G-R-A-C-E. She has been able to recognize that combination of letters where ever they were written, and she knows the word if you spell it out loud. I just realized this week, however, that Grace doesn’t recognize the letter R, the letter A, or the letter E when she sees them outside of her name. She recognizes most of the letters by sight, so I was really surprised that she didn’t know those three. They’re sorta important, you know? To try to help her with the letters … Read more

My Personal Mission Statement

One of the first activities in the Weight Release workbook is a personal mission statement.
When I first spoke with Freeman about the Weight Release program, he told me that it would be difficult. He said that I needed an imperative, a reason for going through the process. The workbook echos this idea.
I want to be skinny doesn’t work…