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Candy Cane Swirl Cheesecake

The best candy cane swirl chocolate cheesecake - This is the perfect recipe for the holidays. Made with white chocolate candy cane swirl Hershey's Kisses and cream cheese, then baked, this is the perfect Christmas recipe!

  I am a chocolate fiend. Most of the time, I can resist the temptation, but Easter and Christmas candy are more tempting than the rest. I bought some Christmas candy last week. Joe ate it all. {cough, cough} That was me choking on my lie. I didn’t feel all that guilty about buying the candy though, because I bought Hershey’s kisses. Every Hershey’s purchase contributes to the Milton Hershey School where I was a student teacher. If you don’t know about the Milton Hershey School, you should check out the Hershey Legacy website. The Milton Hershey School gives kids … Read more