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Please Answer this 9 Question Reader Survey (Less Than 3 Minutes)

Hello sweet friend.

I haven't done a reader survey since 2011, so I thought it was time to reconnect with you and find out what you're enjoying, what you're looking for, and what problems I might be able to help you with.

I am in the middle of planning blog content for the rest of 2018 and also planning a brand new, very exciting project that I think you're going to love, but I want to make sure all this work is focused on what you care about.

I've been keeping an eye on open rates for my emails and page views and comments for my blog posts, so I have an idea of what kinds of things you're enjoying, but I'd like to bring you exactly what you want – and only you can tell me that.

So please, please, please jump in and answer these 9 quick questions. They're all multiple choice with opportunities for “other” responses if nothing fits for you. 

Thank you for contributing to the future of Feels Like Home! I sincerely appreciate you!

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4 thoughts on “Please Answer this 9 Question Reader Survey (Less Than 3 Minutes)”

  1. MIght be worth adding an option for folks without kids (like N/A, don’t have kids, or kids are grown), as well as RSS as an option for reading your content. Very lovely questionnaire!

  2. Hey, I am not a Catholic, but I have enjoyed attending their services. I thought you might want to know they ARE Christians.

    • Yes, I did know that. I broke it out separately because their traditions are a lot different than Protestant traditions, but I wasn’t sure if non-practicing Christians would know what “Protestant” meant. Thanks for responding!

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