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Your Backyard: The Life & Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly DVD Review

This past summer, I bought one of those Grow Your Own Butterflies kits. I knew that Grace would love to watch the caterpillars grow, form their chrysalises, and erupt as butterflies.

I was right.

She was completely enchanted by our painted lady butterflies. There was nothing that she didn’t enjoy. She watched the tiny caterpillars munch on their yellow goo food. She watched the caterpillars shed their skin and grow fatter and fatter. She checked the chrysalises each and every day, usually multiple times. And when they were butterflies? She never took her eyes off of them.

With those butterflies in mind, I was delighted to learn about a DVD from Crowe’s Nest Media detailing the life cycle of a monarch butterfly.

Your Backyard: The Life & Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly DVD Review

From the Crowe’s Nest Media website:

Join siblings Taylor, Samuel and Grace, along with special guest Professor Solomon on a remarkable adventure of discovery, exploring the life and journey of God’s amazing Monarch butterfly.

Enjoy vivid, close-up images of the remarkable 30-day transformation from egg to butterfly—from watching a tiny Monarch caterpillar eat its way out of its egg to the completion of metamorphosis.

butterfly DVDThe DVD lives up to that description and more. Included are scenes showing kids hunting for butterfly eggs, tagging adult monarchs,  There was footage of munching caterpillars, migrating butterflies, even a caterpillar shedding its skin and turning into a cocoon. (That was my favorite part. It was amazing!)

Grace loved this DVD. She loved that it featured four kids, one of whom is named Grace. She loved the live footage of butterflies and caterpillars. She was captivated by Professor Solomon, a cartoon owl who teaches about the butterfly throughout the DVD.

We watched this video in a couple of sittings as it exceeded Grace’s attention span. When The Life & Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly was over, we were both excited about butterflies.

More on Butterflies and Caterpillars

We were so eager to think about and play with butterflies that I created a whole preschool unit on butterflies. I gathered activities and ideas from these sources:

I also have an awesome Very Hungry Caterpillar printable pack, but I can’t figure out where it came from. If I ever figure it out, I’ll share the link to it. (Who doesn’t put their URL on a 37-page printable?!)

In addition, Crowe’s Nest Media is putting together a companion study guide to go along with the video. It will be released later in the spring. It will include discussion questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, true & false questions, diagrams to label, opportunities to draw, essay questions, copy work for various ages, coloring pages, notebooking pages, and opportunities for further study.

Get the Study Guide FREE

You can buy Your Backyard: The Life & Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly DVD direct from Crowe’s Nest Media for $19.95. If you use the code FeelsLikeHome, you will get $1 off and the companion study guide free when it’s released.

Hurry! The code expires on February 10.

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