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Joe’s New Hobby

For years, I’ve been asking my husband to find a hobby.

I have a hobby. It’s a consuming, no spare time for any other kind of hobby hobby, and it’s called Feels Like Home.

For years, my husband has been jealous of my hobby. Or maybe, he’s been jealous of the time I spend on it and the way its success makes me shine and the opportunities I’ve found in it.

Finally, my husband has a hobby of his own.Joe's new hobby

The man who was, until now, content to play video games and laze around in the house on weekend afternoons has found a mission. His spirits are high, and he is eager to work on it.

His new hobby?

Our garden.

He’s gardened for years, mostly without success.

This year, he’s serious.

He’s built 3 large raised beds (his tutorial to build your own is coming soon), and he’s filled them with 5,000 pounds of top soil. He’s built a teepee for beans, a trellis for peas, and tilled up soil all over the place.

He counts his asparagus stalks every day.

For weeks, he’s been planting seeds, tending seedlings, and hardening off baby plants on the patio.

Onions, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, garlic, peas, beans, squash, melons. You name it; he’s either planted or planning to plant it. Yesterday, he planted 200 leek sprouts.

To make sure I noticed his level of dedication to his new hobby, Joe said to me today, “You know how you feel about your blog?”

I nodded, wanting to fill in a long string of adjectives, but trying to let Joe make his statement.

“That’s how I feel about my garden.”

‘nough said. I get it.

And I couldn’t be happier.

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7 thoughts on “Joe’s New Hobby”

  1. Aww I am so glad your hubby found a hobby as cool as blogging. My husband just built me a raised bed garden that I am currently enjoying myself. I made a tutorial on my blog and Im excited to see yours. Good luck!!

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