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Make A Color Board for Your Toddler

p3220038My Works for Me Wednesday tip this week is really two tips in one. Aren’t you lucky, Dear Reader? A two-fer!

These are Grace’s favorite colors. ‘reen. Blue. Yullow. Ornge. I’m pretty sure she knows most of the other colors, but these are the ones she always chooses first. So when I saw this Color Board at No Time for Flashcards, I immediately thought of a green/yellow/blue/orange board.

No Time for Flashcards

One of my favorite websites at the moment is No Time for Flashcards. I’ve been reading for a little while, but in the last month or so, I’ve really gotten into it, and I read it almost daily. If you have child under three, you will find volumes of amazing activities there.

I got the idea for the color board below from a Allie’s Chip It Clip It project on No Time for Flashcards.

Color Board


This is a very simple project. Allie used double-sided tape to put hers together, and I wished (after I’d started and gotten glue every place) that I’d done the same. I guess it depends on how helpful your toddler is and how patient you are.

The materials:

  • 2 each of four different paint chips (I know there are more than 4 in the picture, but if you do too many at once, you will overwhelm your toddler. Less is more.)
  • clothes pins (the only thing was actually paid for – $2.19 for 50 of them at our local Mom & Pop hardware store)
  • glue or double-sided tape
  • cardboard (Allie used a cereal box, I used the insert from an box)p3220036

The instructions:

  1. Attach 4 paint chips to the cardboard. I glued mine into a square. When you go look at Allie’s you’ll see that she did hers in a straight line. I’m going to make another one with different colors, and I might do it in a different shape. Use your imagination.
  2. Trace a clothes pin onto the back side of the second paint chip of each color and  cut out the rectangle. Use these rectangles to cover the clothes pins. I covered mine on both sides. Good luck keeping little fingers away from them while the glue dries.
  3. Because I glued my paint chips to my cardboard, I had to put the whole thing under a stack of heavy books for an hour or so. Be careful not to glue the cardboard to the books. When I took the books off of the Color Board, the glue was dry, and the board was flat. Perfect.



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14 thoughts on “Make A Color Board for Your Toddler”

  1. That is great! I am so going to make this with my toddler!

    Brandy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Some One’s Staring At Me

  2. That is great! I am so going to make this with my toddler!

    Brandy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Some One’s Staring At Me

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