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If You Take a Mom to Target

If you take a mom to Target - This funny article had me laughing. Hilarious and so true. This mom is seeing right into my life!

  I wrote this post in September 2010, when I was six months pregnant with Allie. It still makes me laugh, so I wanted to give it a rerun. If you take a Mom to Target, she’s going to want a cart to put her purse in. If she gets a cart, she’s going to want to peruse the dollar bins. If she peruses the dollar bins, she’s going to find a toy that reminds her to buy a birthday gift for a 3-year-old she knows. If she remembers that she needs a birthday gift, she’s going to want to … Read more

Pink Boogers

For a year or more, Grace has been inquiring about the color of her poop. I’m not sure how it started. I think she was being really uncooperative during a diaper change, and Joe asked what color she thought the poop would be. She said pink. She’s been waiting for pink poop ever since. As you might imagine, it hasn’t happened yet. But this post isn’t about poop. ******* Grace has started sticking things in her orifices. Nose, mouth, belly button. It’s like she’s a year old again, and experimenting with textures. We’ve been talking about it. She doesn’t really … Read more