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51 Awesome Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

51 awesome Christian Christmas gifts for kids - Wondering what to get your kids for the holidays? This post is full of tips and ideas for buying Xmas gifts that bring children back to Jesus without lame presents.

Christmas is my favorite, but it is really easy to shift the focus of Christmas away from Jesus and towards Santa and material things. The Jesse Tree and The Truth in the Tinsel help a lot, but still my kids talk all through the months of October, November, and December about the presents they want and the presents they think they will get. We do Santa. We like Santa, and we like all the magic and warm fuzzy feelings that he brings our kids. But still, I want to point Christmas morning back to Jesus. To that end, some of … Read more

How to Homeschool Fourth Grade – Curriculum Choices for 2016

For fourth grade, we are doing traditional homeschool. We have done cyber school in the past, but we need the freedom and flexibility of traditional homeschooling and switched over about a year and a half ago. Fourth grade is exciting for me because we have fully switched over from learning to read to reading to learn. Grace’s reading skills are really advanced and she loves to read for pleasure (score!!!). She hesitates to read “school books” so I try to label as little as possible as school material. I have always liked the ideas of Charlotte Mason in that we … Read more

How To Homeschool Third Grade

Last spring, we quit the cyber school. Grace hated the Calvert curriculum, she hated school time, she was grumpy, and I dreaded making her do work. Nothing was working. All of the beauty of homeschool was dying dead because I was afraid of some record keeping. One morning, I woke up to the fact that we were drowning in boxed curriculum, and I asked her if she wanted to quit. “YES!” she said. “CAN WE QUIT TODAY?!” So we did. We quit that day, and we have never looked back. Knowing what I know now, I wish we had quit … Read more

My Complete and Utter Devotion to Garth Brooks

I am a Garth Brooks superfan. I have every album he’s ever made, some in duplicate and triplicate (they had different covers! and an extra song here or there!), and both of his box sets. I have his covers and his original songs. I even waited for endless hours in freezing drizzle to get second row tickets to a concert. Right now, we’re listening to Beyond the Season and The Magic of Christmas. After Christmas, we’ll go back to the whole library. Even though he doesn’t know it, Garth and I are tight. I saw Garth Brooks on Jimmy Kimmel a couple … Read more

How to Homeschool Second Grade

Grace turned 7 in June, and we are just about to finish second grade. We continue to participate in a cyber school (here’s why we chose that route). I wanted to quit the cyber school (and its curriculum) partway through last year, but I thought Grace and I should make the decision together. Quitting meant she would have to give up the in-person classes she really enjoys (art, music, and dance), but it would have given us a lot more freedom and flexibility in terms of day to day schoolwork. Grace was adamant that she did not want to quit, so … Read more

Preschool Music Crafts – Guitar & Shaker

Last week, we did a homeschool lesson on musicians. We talked about Laurie Berkner and Louis Armstrong and Elizabeth Mitchell. For each, I read a (very abbreviated) biography, we looked at a photo, and I played a song that Grace was familiar with (My Family, What a Wonderful World, and You Are My Sunshine). After the learning, we crafted and played. Joe played the saxophone during our church services this past Sunday, and Grace sings in the children’s choir. Music is on her mind. Especially after our lesson, Grace wass excited to learn about music and to make music (and … Read more