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How To Take the Best Bubble Bath

Normally, Grace takes a bath in the evening. It’s part of our bedtime routine, and both Joe and I play with her while she’s in the bath. Grace doesn’t take a bath every night, but it is always something that I look forward to. In our last week of summer vacation, we had a lot of late afternoon and evening errands to run, and I ended up giving Grace her bath right after her nap instead of before bed. Changing a 2-year-old’s bath time is a challenge. It’s not time for tub-tub, Mommy! No tub-tub. Later! I had to entice … Read more

Grace’s Lil Rinser

Grace loves to take a bath. You’ve seen the evidence. She adores bathtime. And she abhors having her hair washed. If it were up to Grace, she would never have her hair washed. Not ever. Fortunately, it’s not up to Grace, so her hair is washed every other day. Joe and I have grown to dread the end of the bath because we know what sort of screaming, crying, fighting, ruckus will ensue. Then we got a Lil Rinser, and our battles have eased. We still battle, but mostly because Grace thinks she’s going to get the water torture treatment … Read more